3550A vs. 3520AW

I just added a 3550A to my system, so now I have both a 3550A and a 3520AW. My question is: Why is the 3550A like 5 times faster reading a movie DVD than the 3520AW?

I could understand a little faster, but when the 3520 takes 30 minutes to process and the 3550 takes 6, there should be something definitely amiss.

If this doesn’t sound reasonable, where should I look?

Using XP and CloneDVD2


They are not properly setup both.

Any specifics to check?

P.S. I upgraded to IDE\CDROM_NEC_DVD_RW_ND-3520AW___________________2.U5____\4&3B0C3640&0&1.1.0

are both working in UDMA mode? or just the 3550 is in UDMA mode?

Both are in UDMA mode, specifically UDMA2 / Ultra 33.

After upgrading the firmware on the 3520, the results between the two are more consistent:

I 02:17:12 Processing started
D CloneDVDVersion:
D Layer break removed at 1 locations
I 02:17:12 Successfully removed layer break
I 02:31:58 Processing stopped: finished

I 02:52:24 Processing started
D CloneDVDVersion:
D Layer break removed at 1 locations
I 02:52:24 Successfully removed layer break
I 03:09:53 Processing stopped: finished

So, the issue is gone?

I’ve only had a single test so far, but it is looking that way. I don’t get why the U5 firmware would be so much faster though. The U3 removed the video rip lock, so who knows…

Dunno, that could be big biz - even some OEMs do such things with “their” firmwares.

as you can see from this page the modifed firmware are sometimes available in a slow version. The nec 3550 is not riplocked with any firmware, the nec 3520 on dual layer disks with stock firmware or slow. Unless you are comparing the exact same movie disk don’t compare times.

It was the same movie disk compared. The 3520 has the rpc1 firmware, the 3550 has the stock firmware.

may have had a corrupted flash

I would love to get 6 minute rips! My 3520aw seemed a tad faster with 3.07( fast) than 2.U5 ( RPC1).