3550A or 4570A? Other than DVD-RAM, is one better than the other? Mt. Rainier?

Hi all, my POS Plextor 712SA died one month after warranty and only after a few uses, so I’m looking for a new burner. After trying SIX TIMES to buy a 3550A, I’ve almost given up. I just saw a 4570A available (allegedly) but in reading about it I see it doesn’t support Mt. Rainier. Can anyone please tell me if the 3550A supports it, or is there any FW update that can give these Mt. Rainier support?

Should I keep trying to get a 3550A or is the 4570A better? I’ve heard the 4570A has a newer chipset, but that doesn’t always equate to better.


No current DVD burners support Mt. Rainier. :frowning:
I would recommend using DVD-RAM instead.

Why not an Optiarc 7173A? It’s the latest and greatest, if you want a NEC.

I certainly couldn’t recommend a 4570A as I’ve been most disappointed with mine.

KG, that’s some signature file. LOL.

Thanks guys. Fascinating…what’s the deal with Mt. Rainier?? I assume with DVD-RAM it’s formatted faster so Mt. Rainier isn’t needed? Does it function similar to RW media? I’ve never used DVD-RAM before. :wink:

Tim, would a DVR-111 be better? I just noticed on some other thread many were praising it over NEC.

I like my 111D (xflashed to a 111L). Flashed to the 111 to get DVD-RAM writing & then to the 111L to get bitsetting on all +R media.

It’s much better than the 4570.

If I was buying a new burner right now I’d consider the Liteon LH20A-1H or the Sony GW-170 (think that’s the version) , but the Pio 111 is a good, safe bet.

Thanks for the info. I was just looking over at Cdrinfo.com and they didn’t seem to like the Pioneer 111 very much. They actually gave the NEC 4550 better results, but the best was the BenQ DW1655. But it doesn’t support DVD-RAM. :doh: I’m rather dismayed to see only a handful of reviews there, and the newest being from way back in June '06.

What is the best burner out there in your opinion, that LiteOn or Sony you mentioned?

Oh, and I’m more concerned with reliability than anything else. Lasting beyond the warranty, and [B]reliable[/B] reading and writing.

Who cares what Cdrinfo.com thinks about the Pio 111. It’s still a very good drive.

I believe the NEC 4550 is very well thought of as is the Benq 1650/1655.

I’ve got 2 of the 1650s & am very pleased with them. Don’t have the RAM ability of the others but are very good quality scanners and the Solidburn technology works well.

What’s the best? I really don’t know but I’d probably replace by ageing LG4163B & crappy NEC 4570 with the Liteon.

Well, I do…to a point. It’s just another review site, and when one is searching for a new [whatever], it’s logical to check out all review sites one can find, and ask as well–which I’m also doing.

CDRLabs also gave the 1655 one of it’s highest ratings (9/10 overall, 8/10 on “Performance”). In fact, the only ones higher on “Performance” was a 1640, but that was a year earlier and I’m inclined to believe possibly that if it were tested again, it wouldn’t get a “9” performance this time. Then of course most of the Plextor’s got a 10/10, but if they break in 3 months, or a day after warranty, their rating is irrelevant.

Can you answer that about DVD-RAM please? [I]What’s the deal with Mt. Rainier?? I assume with DVD-RAM it’s formatted faster so Mt. Rainier isn’t needed? Does it function similar to RW media? I’ve never used DVD-RAM before[/I]. :wink:

If it still takes 30-40 minutes to format DVD-RAM, then support for it isn’t a big deal. But “kg_evilboy” seemed to imply that with it, one wouldn’t need Mt. Rainier support which I took to mean it was formatted quicker. ?

I have no knowledge of Mt Rainier so can’t answer that.

The RAM disks I buy are pre-formatted so that’s not an issue to me.

Thanks for the info and input. :wink: