3550A not good?



I scanned some threads and the 3550A sure looks crappy. I need a new burner and this is at newegg for $38, free shipping, and five free DLs. Looks like a good deal but I burn a lot of DVDs and CDs so it needs to be a good burner. Is it just some folks having a problem or is this one to avoid?


Just remember that people who do not have problems with their 3550A will rarely post. You might get a skewed perspective about how good the burner is as a result. I, personally, am completely satisfied with my NEC 3550A and for $38, it’s a great deal. I have had no problems burning CD-Rs and DVD+/-Rs; I haven’t burned RW or DL media yet so I can’t vouch for that but so far it’s been burning everything well. I have not burned a single coaster yet.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with burners like the current NECs, BenQs, or the Lite-ons as they are all relatively good at their jobs. With that said, the burner you buy might be defective and you will have to RMA it regardless of the brand. This takes a little luck… :iagree:


That’s always so true. If I went by the forums, I’d never buy anything. I’d save a lot of money that way.


I upgraded from a Pioneer 108d to the NEC 3550A about 6 weeks ago. I can’t be happier with the 3550A - so far it has handled all the different media that I’ve put in it and have not had a bad burn yet.

The issue I had with the Pioneer was that it did not do a great job with DL media. The NEC is a huge improvement. I use mainly Verbatim DL media but did have some Memorex laying around. The Pioneer was 50% at best with DL Memorex media, but the NEC has had no issues with these. Finally I am able to use these up and can then stick with the Verbatim DL blanks.

Also, the NEC is achieving much better speeds that I got with the Pioneer. For under $40, the NEC is a steal.


Would be interesting what DL media you have used…
Memorex? :Z Whoever would use that DL media???

The 108 is good enough to burn Verbatim DL media with good results. No joke.


I’ve used only Memorex and Verbatim. I had some Memorex laying around for sometime as I had picked some up on sale. With the Pioneer 108D I had less than 50% successful burns so I stopped using them.

Recently Verbatim DL’s have dropped in price significantly so I’ve stocked up on them. On the Pioneer it was not unusual for the burn to stop after the first layer when using Nero. With the NEC 3550a this has not happened and I’ve had 100% success. I’m also burning 2.4x media at 4x without difficulty.


I have the 3550a here in my machine at work and it generally burns as good or better than my Lite On 1635 that I have at home (with the same media).

Personally, I’m not a fan of posts like “My NEC 3550 burner is great ! I love it ! It hasn’t made a coaster yet !”

Does that kind of comment help ?? It really doesn’t. Remember, no news is good news. People rarely post when things are good, only when there’s problems.


Fact is that it is a Nero problem, because with other software (ImgBurn) it works flawlessly. :wink: