3550a firmware, which one?

hi i bought a nec 3550A, it’s great fast speeds, drive bay opens fast and i just like nec. but with this drive, my burns are great but occaisionally i get a power calibration error with nero as well, my burns sometimes work in my ps2, and other times it doesn’t with the same image!, my lg will consistantly work in the ps2 but the nec is very finicky.
so, i decided to, after much reading, to upgrade my firmware to allow bitsetting, which may help more cds work int he ps2.

but which one?

there’s this new one
Mad Dog 1.F2 (NEC 3550) (NEW 25-05-2006)

and then our boy liggy’s

1Y6_rpc1.zip Liggy’s And Dee’s NEC 3550 1.Y6 (based on Liggy’s 1.06bt firmware)

mad dog’s and liggy’s appear to support everything each other adds, such as bit setting. but what about region setting, is this neccesary? i haven’t set my dvd players region yet. also, has anyone else had that ps2 problem?
and what have you done to fix it?

thanks, any help is greatly appreciated

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum dutchschultz. :clap:
I’d go with Liggy & Dees’ patched f/w. If only because any queries can/could get responses from the dynamic duo themselves.

hello, thanks for the kind welcome, i appreciate it, i read a few posts in the forum before i posted, i know you’re a great bunch. good community up in hur. liggy and dee post quite a bit and are very active in the forum, that’s so great.

the ps2 topic wasn’t covered so i thought i would address it.