3550A doesn't burn DVD-R DL? Burns +DL fine

Hey, new here to the forum. Searched around for an answer and can’t seem to find it.

Anyway, I got some RiData DVD-R DL and it won’t burn movies at any speed - even 1x (Nero - illegal disc error). I’ve used several of the same brand +R DL’s @2.4x and they work fine. I also use RiData + and - single layer discs @16x on a regular basis for movie backups.

My question is will a firmware update help me? Right now I’m using 1.Y4 which I’ve had on there for almost a year now. Is the 1.Y6 any better or 1.06 or what? Also, can I flash the drive again anyway? Somebody told me you can only flash a drive once or you risk screwing it up. :confused:

Thanks for any help!

It’s at least worth trying a 1.06 based firmware, but don’t expect the best results with RiData DL discs.

Somebody told me you can only flash a drive once or you risk screwing it up. :confused:

That is complete nonsense. Many people here already flashed their drives several times without any problems.

Well it is working now. I flashed the drive with 1.Y6. However, I did use the next blank disc in the stack, and used the other for a nice beer coaster. So not sure whether it was just the disc or the flash, but either way thank you for your help. And +++ on the work you guys do!

I guarantee that it is the firmware, I had same problem with Ridata -R DL and it was fixed when I flashed the new 1.y6 firmware. A word of advice next DL media you should buy is Verbatim DL because it is a lot better quality than Ridata. As always hats off to Liggy and Dee whose hard work has kept us all up and running.

For DL you cannot go wrong with Verbatim media…

His question is not brand of media but whether he is having problem burning DVD-R DL one while he is OK with plus ones.

You should know it better, TCAS.

Ridata DL is the crappiest DL media anyone can find…