3550A Crossflash, RELEASE PLZ!

Liggy, I don’t know your reasons, but RELEASE the damn utility to crossflash 3550A to 4550, This drive is too slow with some DVD media and needs A POWERUP, like other nec drives!


Oh man.


(Hoover DamN or what?)

I think you need to ask a little nicer than that. If I were liggy I’d charge him $30 buck for the utility :smiley:

@Black Angel :confused:

Just wait and see… :flower:
Liggy knows what he is doing :bow:

I have my reasons to NOT release this tool at the moment. I might not release it at all, if people like you continue nagging about it.

If you think the drive is too slow, maybe Dee is able to add some write strategy tweaks to a 3550 firmware.

LOOOOOL. I haven’t heard such a nonsense for a long time now :bigsmile:

Yes, but Dee is not releasing anything, there is no possibility to use Mediacodespeededit!
The utility don’t support the 3550 firmware.

You’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe there was not a real need for 3550 patches as not too many people seem to have this drive.

If you ask Ala, I’m sure he will offer you a beta test for 3550 support in his MCSE. Since it already supports 4550 firmwares, 3550 should be quite easy to add for him.

Right, it was quite easy and I am looking for a tester :slight_smile:

I suspect one of the major slowdowns is that Liggy doesn’t actually own a 3550. If you want to speed up the process, offer to buy him a 3550. After all, $39 for a useful piece of software is NOT expensive.

And no, I’m not kidding. I have paid more for less, and been happy about it.

My newest drive is a 3540 and I don’t need a 3550 or 4550 to make firmware patches. Although any money or drives of course are appreciated, they usually do not speed up anything.

Media speedups are made be Dee for quite a long time and I’m sure she will soon start patching a 3550 firmware … :wink:

sorry, I don’t want to create problems, only needs some help… :doh:

however I’m a programmer, now I’ve modified the ID part of firmware to recognize 4550fw as 3550fw (ID 11 to 9) and flashed it to my 3550. It’s not a crossflash only a mod that works good with 1.X2, but I can’t do it any time I want to upgrade firmware, my work give me little time.
I’ll waiting for a definitive solution, Liggy, I appreciate your work for community… thanks :iagree:

I wouldn’t do that. You might have trouble updating your firmware again. The next time it’s possible that Binflash will be unable to properly flash your drive.

Yes, it’s possbile infact the problem is Binflash, I can try to disassembly it to remove id and firmware check and make possible the crossflash with any firmware, but at the moment I don’t have much time to do this, tomorrow i’m going outside for a week, see you soon. I hope in your solution Liggy.

Last update: I flashed my 3550 with delayed 1.Y2, thanks Dee… not any problem :wink:


Good luck disassembling Binflash. But I highly doubt you will be able to make it crossflash drives. It simply does not have the necessary functionality.

And please do me a favour and do not spread your versions, I do not want to be blamed for broken drives from modified Binflash versions. :disagree:

I started Liggy’s Drive Converter, change 3550/3551 to 4550/4551 and drive now fails to read/write any disks! Nothing is help :frowning:

Never mind Liggy, probably a change from JNZ to JMP or to NOP won’t help to solve his problems, hehe…:smiley: I already can see a DEAD NEC writer… :eek:

regards, Stephen

Doing such a change will probably allow him to flash any firmware to his drive. But the checks are not there to prevent crossflashing, but to prevent broken drives from using unsupported firmwares.