3550A can't be found to boot XP CD

I was having trouble with my MSI 965P motherboard to see the 3550A, flashed with liggy and dee’s lastest firmware, is set to master IDE(all jumpers set correctly). Has anyone had these problems?

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I had the same problem with my 3540A and an MSI mobo (848P).

I don’t remember if I totally fixed it and could actually boot from the CD, but I remember that to use the drive in native mode (without DOS or Windows), I had to manually enable “ide busmaster” in the BIOS. This busmaster is needed to run optical devices in native mode. Looks like MSI doesn’t consider that this setting should be enabled by default… :rolleyes:

Give it a try, who knows. Good luck :slight_smile:

I have a Dell and when my ide drives went missing I had to go to Dellsupport.com, I then went to their forum and asked who had similar problem. Found a similar problem and it was as simple as typing in alt F, alt E and alt B which brought up an automatic ide finder, which ran and found all my ide drives. Not saying this will work with your computer, but contacting your mfg might help. Forgot to mention I had to do this in boot menu.