3550A any good as a CD burner?

I have an NEC 3550A on the shelf. I need a good CD burner in my second computer. The Liteon 160P6S installed is a good DVD burner and scanner, but not much good with CDs. It’s my understanding the 3550 is a good ripper. If it’s also a good CD burner, I want to use it to replace the DVD-ROM I’m using as a ripper now.

Thanks for your help.

The NEC ND-3550A is hardware identical to a NEC ND-4551A, and my NEC 4551 is an excellent CD burner (as long as I don’t burn my Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs faster than 32x).

There can always be variations between individual drives, so there’s no guarantee that your 3550 wll also be excellent, but I sugget you give it a try.

You can perform Disc Quality scans on your NEC 3550 using Nero CD-DVD Speed and I suggest trying 32x scanning speed which works well for me.

I have a 3550 and it burns cd’s just fine, I have an older Sony about 16 yrs old for a player and its pretty finicky about cd-r’s, so I burn at about 16x. If I burn for my friend I can burn at 48x, no problem. So use your Nec 3550 ,with no regrets. As far as DVDs, with TY I get a good burn at 16x, with Dee’s FW 1.y6, with Sony media I usually burn at 12x.

For all practical purposes the NEC 3550A is good CD burner but if you only looking for sole cod burner buy Lite-On 52X32X52 one. The Lite On use to make one of the best burners.

Thanks DrageMester, theboltz and TCAS. That answers my question. I’ll try the 3550 for ripping and burning CDs.