3550 - Packet writers don't work with this drive

My Post was moved to InCD, as it was assumed that it was a software related problem. This is a hardware problem!

I replaced a LiteOn drv with this NEC DVD writer, but it is unable to use any packet writers, on DVDs or CDs

Prgrams tested: InCd (v 4x & 5x), FileCD, DirectCD and Windows writer

I updated the firmware with OEM Nec drivers then the Y6 rpc1 from this site, but it still won’t Format either CDs or DVDs.

It does read these UDF disks without any problem, but warns (currently InCD) that it can’t write to the disks.

The format process starts then a notice comes up (after 2 - 6% formatting), saying it can’t access the disk, check for scratches etc. This is the same for all Disks ( + or -, slow or fast, new or old, CD or DVD)

InCD does work on my CD writer and was working on a Liteon DVD Recorder (that I replaced with the NEC). :a

For standard burns, single and multisession, as well as DVDs, the burner works as expected fine.

This drv was tested in 2 computers and 4 different packet writers. It is on the Secondary - Master, with a good 80 pin cable and pin selected for Master, DMA is working properly, Standard MS IDE drivers.

Has anybody noticed this problem?
Do any of the firmware upgrades enable packet writing?
Is this burner just a piece of Crap?
I thought NEC usually made good equipment?

@ Clearline,

Suggest using the Forum magic “Search” button and research the Forum for fellow Forum Members who have reported difficulties with Nero InCD. If you value your data you would avoid ALL Packet Writing programs. I am unaware of any knowledgeable Forum Members who recommends the use of ANY Packet Writing software program.

The preferred method is using MultiSession Disks instead of Packet Writing programs.

It should be noted that other Forum Members also responded with the same advice to your posting in the Nero InCD Forum.

Best Regards,

I searched many different crossreferences on this problem. InCD is not the subject, nor is the attributes of packet writing, which I have used extensively for years.

The question is: [B]Why won’t this drive accept any form of UDF packet writing?[/B] especially on a system that has no problems with packet software on any other burner.

If anyone has any insight into this hardware problem, I would appreciate your input.

Please do not forward any more opinions on multisession or packet writers in general; as they are off topic.

I can only suggest to avoid any PW crap. …

It works fine here, so either you have a defective drive or media, or there is a problem with your system setup.
It’s easy to check your drive, see if the media can be written with a burning application.

I guess it is a defective drive, as the media works fine with other burning systems, plus I’ve tested many brands, + & -.

You didn’t happen to have tested your drive for packet writing before firmware upgrades?

Which PW software did you use?

I was hoping the firmwares would make this drv work properly, but none have.

Are there any of the firmware versions, that you consider, that would make this drv work properly, for this problem?

Thnx Dee

Another thing I don’t like about this drv, is that it has a single light (color) so you can’t distinguish easily between read and write operations. :confused:

I got this drv from TigerDirect mailorder. When I could not get it to work. I went to the Tiger outlet, in Miami, and requested that they let me return the drv and upgrade to a better drv. I was told that the retail outlets do not refund or exchange mailorder items. :a

If the drive burns at all with other software its not the drive .

:disagree: Not true, as 4 different packet writers can’t access this drv, but do work on the CDrw and earlier DVDrws (LiteOn & LG).

The format procedure starts, then at 2% for DVDs or 6% for CDs, I get an error: [I]Can’t write to disk, chk for compatibility and scratches etc.[/I]

All of the packet writers produce a similar error. But the same disks can easily record a standard data burn, as well as multiburns with multisession.

I prefer the DVD+RW 4X optidiscs, but none of the disks of any style or speed work for this operation, but do work for all others.

All I can tell you is it works fine for me on both my 3550 and my Pioneer 111 on this system. PW programs can be flaky BJKG and Chef gave you good advise. I am also assuming you copied all the files on the rewritable disk to your harddrive and than tried to do a [U]complete[/U] erase than a format and it still would not work.

Yes, I have erased and cleaned these disks with many different erasure programs.

I also used DVD Decrypter to try changing the Book Type of the disk from +RW to ?-Rom, which did not have any effect on recording.

As for transferring files to the HD, I have dozen of PW Disks, in both InCD & DirectCD format, some of them years old. They all read on this drv, but can not write.
All off my testing is with blank disks, till I get the problem resolved or just get a better writer drive.

What Packet writer did you use?

Incd 5.1

Yup, update InCD if you really want to use it and then fully format RWs with DVDInfoPro.

Final conclusion:
Drive must be defective. No versions of Incd work, or any other packet writers on this drive.
This will be my first and last NEC DVD that I purchase.
Thnx Ohwell

If you feel your drive is defective, you can RMA the drive for replacement.

Make sure you don’t RMA the drive with a modified firmware applied. Reflash to an official firmware before you RMA, because there is a small chance that the RMA is not granted (despite the fact that you 100% deserve it)