3550+Enclosure : Is it my PC Card's problem?

The USB port on my laptop is broken, so I used a PC Card bus for USB 2.0 support. But it seems my 3550A + PL-3507 enclosure doesn’t work well this way (Thanks Francksoy kindly point it out). Is its speed not enough for burning or probably my enclosure’s problem?
BTW: The disc quality is similar when burn at 2.4x

Transfer rate:

Snapshots of my discs

Thank you very much.

What is the speed burst rate?

Sooory… Forgot to say.
Burst rate is 6MB. Too slow for even 4X?

PS: Could that be bit-setting’s problem? I’m always wondering if bitsetting will lower the quality of disc in compensation of compatibility

Nothing to do with Bitsetting here.

Hello KevinMo. I had the exact same problem with my new PL 3507 external enclosure and my new NEC 3550A. Here is the link to my thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=165478

Basically, it comes down to a) are you using USB 2.0? b) if yes, you can achieve the fastest speeds using Firewire c) this is particularly true if you have an old laptop like mine or a old PC which is underpowered.

I hope this helped.

Thanks drcy, that’s exactly the same question! However, I still can’t believe this would solve the problem:

I removed my USB 2.0 PCI card and then re-inserted it again after a complete cold boot and it now writes at close to 8X

I’ll try some times more, reboot, remove other device from PC Card, etc… Thank you very much :bow:

You’re welcome. Yeah, right now I usually write at 7x because USB 2.0 still takes too much of my precious processor to run efficiently. I’m waiting for a little bit longer to by a Firewire and USB 2.0 PCI card and then I can burn upto 16X. My burst speed using Firewire was 21 MB/s if I recall correctly and it was supper slow using USB 2.0.

I just tried everything: reboot, plugin, unplug, remove extra devices (this actually helps, Thanks!), disable extra USB ports. And the best burst rate is 11 MB/sec, the transfer rate is as the image attached below, which could hardly reach 8x…

Sorry, I’m a bit confused by your posts. I thought you said you could burn steadly at 8x with USB2.0, didn’t you?

Sorry, I’m a bit confused by your posts. I thought you said you could burn steadly at 8x with USB2.0, didn’t you?

No, not steadily. In reality when it comes to day to day usage, I can on average burn around 6-7x steadily. So my advice is that you will be limited to slower speeds like me until you a) get a newer, faster computer setup or b) you use Firewire.

Thanks for your clarify :bow: So I suppose there is nothing wrong with my laptop / pc card then. I think I might have to go & look for a firewire card :doh: .

Yeah, so your laptop and USB 2.0 PCI card is fine. A Firewire/USB 2.0 combo PCI card is the cheaper solution for us who have a older laptop setup. :iagree: