3540A USB Burns CD-R's but can't see DVD-R's

Here’s a pickle for you:

I have an external usb NEC 3540A plugged into my winXP Home machine.

It works great for burning CD’s. Any kind of CD’s. No problemo.

However, I’ll put in a 4.7GB Memorex DVD-RW and it recognises that there is a disk, but windows says it has 0 bytes of storage space on it. Roxio will recognise that there is 4.7gb of space, but says that “no supported dvd recorders were found on your system.”

So, best I can figure, my computer thinks that this is just a CD burner, not a DVD burner.

I haven’t thus far done anything but plug the sucker in and let windows install the drivers. This is sort of new territory for me, so any help at all would be really appreciated.

Any ideas?

Your problem seems to be outdated, incompatible no not suitable software.

For burning onto DVDs, you must use a proper burning app. Not that windows inbuilt crap.

Update Roxio or just install a trial version of Nero 6.

First thing I did was update Roxio.

I’ll try Nero, but expect me back if it still doesn’t work. :-p