3540a stopped recognizing cds

Just after starting a cdr burn, I got an error message in the program. The disc was, of course, a coaster, but the drive wouldn’t recognize a new cdr nor any burned or original cds. It seems to recognize DVDs just fine, however. Anyone heard of anything similar? I suppose I’m going to have to RMA this thing. Crud.

Try reflashing the firmware…

I have the same problem with a co-workers computer. I uninstalled and re-installed drivers…updated/flashed firmware and reset Bios and still no luck…any help would be great. This problem seems very weird to me, never heard of it before

I have the same problem with the Nec DVD+RW ND 5100-A on my Dell notebook.
Started by not being able to read some of my TDK R+ burned DVDs.
I contacted Dell, & After flashing the new Dell firmware, a new DOs, updating some drivers, updating software, checking memory… & so on I ended up taking their advice of formatting my drive & reinstalling my system & still have the same problem. Now I cannot read 90% of my Cds & if I can read some most of the time windows freezes. If I start in windows safemode, I can read the cds though it’s slow & it freezes sometimes.
Dell’s advice was to buy a new drive for 350 Euros! or get an external drive! great solutions!
Is it a good idea to Flash an older firmware & see if it works?
Please if you have any idea how to solve this problem, please let me know.

you really should use the search function as this has been answered multiple times.

try booting to a known bootable cd
try accessing the drive in dos using a bootable diskette to load dos drivers

if either of these work you can always pull the drive and try it in another system

if it is not able to read/write after this then the drive may have had the cd read/write subsystem fail

dvd and cd use a different laser and read/write also use different lasers so you can lose the ability to read or write or both with either dvd or cd. and the drive would need to be rma’d