3540A not writing at full speed

If anyone has any suggestions that could help me I would be grateful
I recently bought 2 x 3540A [one as reader and one as writer],but when I copy disc to disc,if I use 8x discs,they can only write at 4x,12x writes at 6,16x writes at 8,same if I burn an image with Nero or dvd decrypter,it only burns at half the maximum speed of the media,I can’t blame bad media,as I have bought nearly every brand of discs they sell in my computer shop
both the drives are as new,no firmware

I have looked around for answers before posting,I dont know if this helps,but one thing that puzzles me,in my device manager my IDE channels are set up like this
Primary IDE channel properties
Device 0 Current transfer mode Ultra DMA mode 5
Device 1 Current transfer mode Non applicable

Secondary IDE Channel properties
Device 0 Current transfer mode Ultra DMA Mode 2
Device 1 Current transfer mode Ultra DMA Mode 2

any ideas would be great,
all the best

These Drives are not very good as Readers…Too SloOwW…Buy a Lite-On DVDRom Drive n use as a reader…Don’t Burn on the fly with DVDs only with CDRs…
Copy movie/video to HDD then Burn to blank DVD-R/DVD+R.
If useing Only IDE then Put on IDE0> HDD as Master n one NEC as Slave…on IDE 1 put Lite-On as Master n NEC as Slave…If you got two hard discs then either put one NEC away or Buy a PCI-ATA Ultra 133 card n put ALL HDD on it…Put ALL Roms n Burners on IDE…Good Luck.

Don’t write “on the fly”. :wink:

:confused: :confused: Just as fast as any other reader. :disagree:

Buy 2 of the best drives out there and put them on the same ide cable,
now that defeats the purpose, except in one case, leave one drive with
riplock and stock firmware for slowing down the read on problematic
dvd’s and a little safer burning(???)!
Flash the second burner with riplock removed firmware and it’s the fastest reader
I have ever tested, includ. liteon combos.
My setups all use standalone masters, nothing shares a cable, that’s like driving both
ways on a one lane road, DUH!

first do a cd/dvd speed create disc and post the graph.

also remember that a 12x burn starts @6 and goes eventually to 12x
similarly and 8x burn starts @ 4 and goes to 6 and then 8x