3540A not reading dvd+r dl media

I flashed my 3540A with the newest nec licensed fw(1.04), set the booktype to dvd-rom with nero dvd drive speed and i cannot read any dvd+r dl media. I’ve tried ritek, matrix and verbatim. any suggestions?

Do you try reading BLANK dvd media?!?

yea its all blank, straight from the spool…

nec licensed fw(1.04)

NEC firmware doesn’t allow for bitsetting…try 1.WB from here:


You can’t read blank DVD media!!
You have to burn to it before you can read it.

what i mean is it says no disc in drive so it doesnt read it as blank either so i cannot burn onto it. what are the differences wth rpc1, fast, and original for FW types?
P.S. i need to bit setting mostly for backing up my xbox 360 games. I can burn dvd-r’s ok still…

update: flashed witht he 1.wb and still no luck!?

Did you use the binflash wingui32 to flash your drive? You can also use that utility to permenantly set your booktype.

yea i used what was in the .zip package

update: flashed with wingui32 to maddog’s fw and still no luck!

I think you don’t get it.
You have to burn this media to have anything READABLE on it.
[B]It is unimportant what explorer shows you!![/B]

i DO get it. I cannot get clonecd, nero, or dvd decrypter to read my media as blank so i can burn onto it. The program won’t let you burn an image unless there is media present and that is the error i am getting: “media not present”.

What should the drive READ from a blank media?

If you have, uninstall virtual drives and Alcohol.

yea all virtual drives are already uninstalled. i still get the error media not present. if you dont understand what i mean try to burn something with no blank disc in your burner. thats the error i’m getting

bump. please? anyone?