3540a is so slow

I have a NEC 2510A for a year and never have had a fail burn. Just upgraded to 3540a for 3 weeks and have 7 fail burns out of 10. The 3 “not fail” burns were at a very slow speed 1 gb/24 min. I used DVD-R Legacy 4.7GB 8X media and some DVD+Rs and Nero 6.6. I don’t know what’s wrong with this one. After upgrade to original firmware 1.03. And just burned another one half hour ago. It was fail again. Does anyone have this experiences?

What speed are you burning at? It may be that your PC can’t keep up with the data-rate required by the burner - thus increasing burn times. Also, you have got “Burn-Proof” selected haven’t you?

It was at 8X. I had other 2 tests tonight. 1 gb @ 4X to +RW. Nero shown remaining time 2+ min, but when remaining time went to 0, only about 20% has been written to. This test took totally 8+ min. and 4.5 gb @ 8X to +R, Nero shown remaining time 9+ min, but it took 38+ min.
My system was working great with NEC 2510A using same brand’s +RW and +R discs. Just replaced 3540a with 2510a and both are in master setting.
My system:
XP Home sp1
P4 2.66 GHz
768 MB memory
3540a is in secondary channel with master setting and in DMA mode
The system is clean (no virus, spyware)

use nero cd/dvd speed

  1. run a create disc to see what speed the disc is burning it
  2. do a burst rate test
  3. do a transfer rate test on the disc you burned

that will tell us everything about your drive