3540A is picky...what's good CD-Rs?

I had just enough time to install my 3540A before I had to wrap it up for the night so I could peel myself out of bed a 6:30 this morning. Installed it, wham-bam, almost too easy. :bigsmile: :rolleyes: Wait a minute, NOTHING ever goes as it should…something’s gotta be wrong! :confused: Flashed to 1.03 to avoid the problems with 1.01 my cousin told me about.

So I got myself all ready to go, and was about to fire up Nero and burn the DVD I just mixed/mastered. Gah…not enough time…I’ll just burn a CD, I need a backup copy of my new one anyway, and I ripped it beforehand. :slight_smile:

Here’s where this part of the story goes to the crapper; I fire up Nero Express :Z (first thing I saw) and drag/drop it into the window. I insert one of my blanks (Princo 52X that I suspected as POSes) and it detects it as 24X…ok so it sucks…but will it burn? “Burn process falied at 24X” and 8% Tried again with another blank Princo…same-o same-o.

Arrg! I’ve still got 30 of the 100 pack left…crap! None of my Plextors ever made a coaster with this (admittedly pretty crappy) stuff…I guess they can make CDs from crap, because I always got useable CDs. :a

Dug up a Maxwell blank I got as a gift a looongg time ago…detects and burns at 48x, and since it’s the fastest burn I’ve EVER seen, I’m assuming that none of these Princos ever pushed 26X (have seen a few indications to that effect in EZCD6 with my plextor 52X, but who believes Roxio?) :a

So, what’s good, decently priced media that I can get in this tiny speck on the map that my 3540 agrees with? Got Wally-world and Staples, but I won’t set foot in RadioShack, so help me! :disagree: What does Newegg have that’s good?

Thanks a million

@ myIBM,

In many circles Taiyo Yuden is consider top of the line excellent media. A reliable source of Taiyo Yuden media is Rima.Com (http://www.rima.com).

To purchase Taiyo Yuden media locally look for FujiFilm media and inspect the package and ensure that it states ‘Made In Japan’. FujiFilm media made in counties other than ‘Made In Japan’ is unknown quality and should be avoided.

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For CD-R media, stick with Taiyo Yuden, Ritek, and/or Verbatim, and you’ll be fine.

A long time ago, when I knew NOTHING about CD-R quality differences, I bought some 52x Riteks that were branded Office Depot (I couldn’t resist; $18 for 150 CD-Rs). They’ve generally had good quality for the price; a few spot checks revealed average type 1 errors to be 0.7 or so (no type 2 errors). Not sure how they degrade, but they’re silver-bottomed and probably phtalocyanine (sp?) and thus more stable than the cheap cyanine stuff.

Yep, best quality/price for CDRs: Ritek. They come under various brands, Maxell, Ridisc, Traxdata… (I can’t recommend Ritek DVDRs, though!)

Top-notch CDRs, though, are still TY, MCC (Verbatim DatalifePlus or “Advanced Azo”) (and genuine Maxell but I can’t find any of these anymore :confused: )

And the 3540A is NOT picky with CDRs. It’s an outstanding CDR writer. Probably your Plextor burnt these at low speed without you even knowing it. :wink: