3540A is flake?

I just got a new 3540A drive from Newegg this past weekend. My friend copied me several stuff (His is Liteon 832S) that my NEC writer refused to read or read it really slow. Then I burned some stuff and noticed its not really burning any faster then my 4x OptoRite drive. This is all after I updated the firmware to 1.03. I have tried 2 different 8x Media, one that my friend gave me, its a Imation Media 8x you find at your local Wal-fart. Burn time 13 minutes and some odd seconds on 8x :eek: The other one came free with the 3540A http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817131034 This one is supposed to burn at 8x and I have the option to burn it at 8x, but burn time is around 13:00…almost the same as my old OptoRite drive. :eek:
Started to play around Plex Tools last night and ran some DVD Write test and they were really odd…i selected burn speed at 8x. It starts off at 4x, jumps to 6x around 1 Gig, and then to 8x around 2 gig…and then it goes up and down. Hmmm…I dont think its supposed to burn DVD-R at Z-CLV.

My brother bought Liteon 1693S last week too…I had to investigate so I bought his drive home with me. Plugged it in and reading all my friends cds. And ran Plex Tools DVD Write test with both drives, same media, 8x certified and look at this picture. http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/1613/nec2bu.jpg

I thought NEC 3540A Rocked and its getting stomped by LiteOn. Do I need to exchange NEC drive or just return it and buy LiteOn instead. I think either I have a bad drive or NEC is not as good as people think. Please advise.


Yes it is. All drives do Z-CLV or (or P-CAV for the recent LG drives) for anything faster than 6X because the inner part of any DVD disc can’t be written faster than 6X (it’s a DVDR limitation). Nec choosed to make the first step 4X and this explains why it’s slower with Z-CLV burns. For some mediacodes (notably MCC 02RG20) it’s a smart move and ends in better quality burns than in other drives that start @6X. For other mediacodes (notably TYG02) it’s just lost time, but better safe than sorry.

and then it goes up and down
What media are you using? That’s probably WOPC kicking in. Expect this with cheap media.

I thought NEC 3540A Rocked and its getting stomped by LiteOn. Do I need to exchange NEC drive or just return it and buy LiteOn instead. I think either I have a bad drive or NEC is not as good as people think.
Is you main concern speed or burning quality? If you don’t perform quality scans, you can’t compare the burning quality of both drives with the media you use. The 3540A is considered a better burner, quality-wise, than the 1693S (not with all media though, like any drive).

As a sidenote, if you want a faster 8X burner (the 3540A is just as fast as the competition for 16X and 4X burns), the LiteOn is probably no the best choice. I’d say LG 4163B or Benq 1640.

I have a similar issue. I have a 3540a and I notice that when I burn a DVD-R from my Liteon 411, the 3540a can’t read it at all, the drive spins up normally, but when I open windows explorer and to go the NEC drive, it shows nothing and it doesn’t show it as a blank media with all its free space. On the other hand, my Pioneer DVR-110D can read those DVD-Rs just fine as well as my set top DVD players. I also tested using the same type of DVD-R I burned on the Liteon 411 and burned some stuff using my NEC 3540a and it burned successfully, so I know the NEC 3540a can read and write the same exact type of DVD-R i used to burn in my Liteon. How come the 3540a can’t read the DVD-Rs burned by my Liteon 411?

MY main concern is both burn quality and speed…but most of all if it cant read the DVDs from Lite-On which my friend got, there’s no point keeping this drive. As far as burn quality goes for playing movies in set top DVD player, i dont care, since i dont burn any movies, mostly its just various files. Also, according to the specs of NEC 3540A, it burns DVD-R at CLV, Z-CLV is for Dual Layer. Media codes for the disc is GSC003.
Any suggestions??

I skipped that part, sorry. If the discs are read in other drives than the LiteOn (more about this later) and not in your 3540A, your drive is defective (until know I think it’s not). I have yet to meet a disc I can’t read in my own 3540A, unless the disc is real crap.

Also, according to the specs of NEC 3540A, it burns DVD-R at CLV, Z-CLV is for Dual Layer.
Either a typo, or a wrong source, or a common misconception… or I don’t get the term “Z-CLV” right. :confused: . Z-CLV is applied by all existing drives for 8X writing (except the LG4160B I think). Pure CLV is simply impossible at faster than 6X with DVDRs.
Media codes for the disc is GSC003.
which are definitly NOT among recommendable media. That’s el-cheapo discs. This may well be the source of your readability problem. LiteOn drives are known for being among the best, if not THE best readers around. So if your discs are of poor quality, maybe only the LiteOn will read them. Or maybe a Benq 1640. Check that these discs are actually readable in other drives…

Any suggestions??
Try using different, better media, like Verbatim, TDK, Sony… visit the blank media section of this forum.

The other media I have is TY002 or 3, can’t confirm right now since i am at work. Also, i bought some dvd’s to work here and over here, this drive (Samsung SM-352F) which is DVD reader which can write CDs too. It read some of my friends’s DVDs which is TY002 or TY003…we bought DVDs together.

Anyways, once i get home, i’ll post the codes for Imation media and the old 4x DVD-R I have.

Z-CLV is basically writing like a step ladder writing style. it gains speed in steps while CAV is normal. Look at the picture I posted and you’ll see what i mean. If Lite-Ons are the best readers around, then that’s what i need i guess, but i need a writer that writes good too so i can go back to dvds if i need to.

any more suggestions??

@ FMZ,

I suggest what you are looking for is the best of two worlds. A dedicated DVD-ROM reader/ripper and a dedicated DVD Burner. That way you can purchase the best reader/ripper available and the best DVD writer/burner available.

As an example I have a Lite-On DVD-ROM SOHD-16P9S as my dedicated reader/ripper and a NEC ND-3500 DVD Burner as my dedicated DVD writer/burner. The Lite-On DVD-ROM SOHD-16P9S is noted for its outstanding reading/ripping abilities and the NEC ND-3500 DVD Burner is noted for its outstanding writing/burning abilities. In my book I have the best of two worlds.

Also the very knowledgeable Forum Member Dee-27 was recently asked which DVD Burner she preferred. Below is a Forum Link with her response.


Best Regards,

Your right but I really dont want to spend that much money, just want to stick with one drive…I already have a OptoRite 4x drive (DD203)

So we’re talking of the same thing :slight_smile: - though maybe you mixed up “CAV” with “CLV” this time… :wink: - CAV is another thing altogether (the 3540A uses CAV for 16X burns, and for 12X burns on 16X capable media).

These issues you have with the 3540A are not common. I don’t know. In your case, maybe the LiteOn 1693S would be a good choice. But I strongly suspect that the 823S/GSC003 burns are of poor quality and shouldn’t be taken into account for your choice. Check the readability of other discs on the NEC first. Maybe the drive is defective.

As for speed, it’s up to you. Personally I don’t mind that 8X burns take 12 minutes instead of 9. The fastest 8X burners are probably the LG 4163B and the Pioneer 110D. Both are excellent burners with 8X TY discs, but the NEC has an edge for 8X MCC media and several cheap media like CMC and Prodisc.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I have Prodisc at home, i’ll check it
let’s see what happens once i get home. I am thinking either to exchange it or get a lite on so it can read the ones i have. I have most of the dvds burned on TY discs and then old Princo crap

@ FMZ,

Before jumping through hoops I believe Forum Member Francksoy is possibly correct with his assumption that the DVD Media burned on your friends Lite-On SOHW-832S are possibly poor burns and contain errors.

Suggest running these DVDs burned on your friends Lite-On SOHW-832S through Nero CD-DVD Speed ScanDisc surface scan and check for errors. It could quite possible that there is nothing wrong with your NEC ND-3540A but the problem could be that the DVDs burned on your friends Lite-On SOHW-832S were poorly burned and contain errors that prevent your NEC ND-3540A from reading them.

Best Regards,

OK my 4x DVD is TYG01…the same media my friend uses. (4x rated)
The one that came with my NEC is GSC003 (8x rated) .
I just bought 50 pack of Sony DVD… Sony08D1 (8x rated).

I’ll post the write test here real soon.

Updated the firmware on Liteon but it wont burn Sony 8x Media at any higher rate. NEC on the other hand will burn it up to 16x.

Here’s the test with Sony burned at 8x, Nec burned at 8x, 12x, and 16x.

Red = Liteon @ 8X
Green = NEC @ 8X
Blue = NEC @ 12X
Orange = NEC @ 16X

Can anybody confirm the media quality??

Any suggestions by looking at that picture I posted? Is my drive bad ?? or that is a good write on the previous picture and if the media is any good or not


It tells nothing about quality. Only that the drive behaves 100% normally as far as writing strategies are concerned. The dropouts at the end of the 12X and 16X burns are normal, it’s WOPC kicking in (with overspeeding CAV it’s common, one must not expect to burn 8X media @16X CAV without the drive resorting to some speed lowering at the end… to avoid coasters).

Actual quality is checked with PIE/PIF error testing (“quality scans”) and transfert rate tests on burnt discs. You can perform these with your 3540A and Nero CDSpeed. For quality scans, you must select 5X as the reading speed when performing the test.

What would be interesting is quality scans of these GSC003 burnt by your friend, I bet it would explain a lot.

My drive doesn’t give me 5x option, its gives me like 1x, 2x, 4x, 12x, 16x, and max
i will check once i get home but i am pretty sure i didn’t see 5x option. I’ll run that once i get home

Here’s a media he bruned me with his Liteon (note: it says Sony but its a Lite-ON) Figured out how to get the option to show 5x read. It wouldn’t give me the option to run at 5x, so I ran at 6x on Lite-On

NEC Result

LiteOn Result

How would I go about telling if my drive is bad or not?? Should I burn something with this drive and run a quality check on the media with both NEC and LiteOn???

Ok, these scans show that the burns are pure crap. No wonder some drives are unable to read them. I bet these discs wouldn’t be readable on a recent Pioneer drive either.

“Should I burn something with this drive and run a quality check on the media with both NEC and LiteOn???”
You mean with your 3540A? Do that! :iagree: You’ll quickly notice a huge difference in burning quality with the same media (TYG01). Your friends’ LiteOn drive does a very poor job with these, don’t know why. Maybe he overspeeds the burns with a hacked firmware. :confused: - or maybe these are fake TY, if it’s the case you won’t probably get better results with 3540A burns. What brand are these discs??

“It wouldn’t give me the option to run at 5x, so I ran at 6x on Lite-On”
That’s normal, I mentioned 5X for the NEC, the LiteOn scans are generally performed @4X.

Ok Here Goes for TYG01…seems like it sucks (Rated for 4x) I burned 3 different discs w/ speeds selected of 2x 4x and 8x.

2x test

4x test

8x test

Burned with Nero 7.0
GSC003 test (Rated for 8X and Burned at 8X)

Sony (Sony08D1)(Rated for 8X) burned at 16x
What I have noticed is that I burned this at 16X but it took Nero 7.0 :eek: 20 minutes :eek:

Here’s the Quality Check on the DVD I burned with Nero 7.0

Here’s a DVD Write test with CD-SPEED and it burns at 16X in :bow: 6:07 :bow:

Here’s Dee-27 test on same disc w/ a slightly different writer, but her’s burn at CAV styple, while mine is P-CAV…any thoughts on that??? Her’s continue’s to go up all the way thru the disc, while mine drops in the end.

Here’s my quality test on the DVD I burned with CD-DVD SPEED.

Here’s my DMA shot…its set to Ultra DMA 2

So question now, how come Dees drive burns differently then mine?? Is it a model difference? Is it even worth my time to burn TY01 media? How about GSC003? How’s the quality of Sony DVD??

Also, why the hell is it taking Nero 7.0 to burn the media 20 minutes?? I noticed the buffer jumps alot too. Any thoughts?? DMA is set to right mode.


One question at a time :bigsmile:

First congrats, you’re a fast learner.

Your Sony disc “P-CAV” burn: it’s the drive lowering the speed on purpose to guarantee quality. It means the drive “judged” the media inadapted for full 16X burn at the end. Nothing to worry about. With other 16X discs like MCC 03RG20 maybe it wouldn’t do that. Anyway once again that’s normal operation.

Your TYG01: most probably fakes, or very badly stocked (lots of heat and humidity). Genuine, good TYG01 gives much, much better burns on the 3540A. These are apalling.

GSC003: not all that bad, but probably dirty before the burn (see the PIF peaks @2.5GB? Typical of impurities / dirt on the disc - look for a dark spot in the dye, under a strong artificial light)

Buffer jumping: if it’s the “device buffer”, that also normal. Re-linking/laser calibration. If it’s the main buffer (on the left) in Nero, then it’s NOT normal, if it’s the case consider defragmenting your HD and to not perform any other task while burning (good rule of thumb anyway for faster than 6X burns).

Nero7: has been found buggy. Better stick with

Have I forgot something? :slight_smile: