3540A Installation Not Working

I just installed and powered up a new NEC 3540A DVD burner (in an AMS Venus USB/FW enclosure) and am having problems getting it to work.

Windows XP SP2 recognizes the drive (clicking on Properties for the drive icon in My Computer lists: “_NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A,” and the Windows Device Manager says “This device is working properly”; referring to the "Oxford IDE Device LUN 0 IEEE 1394 SBP2 Device, which I assume is the the AMS enclosure housing the NEC burner.)

But the Nero Info Tool does not include the 3540A in its drop-down menu.

Any suggestions for how to get my new DVD burner to start burning?


Copy the file “WNASPI32.DLL” from program files/ahead/nero to Windows/system32 folder and reboot. :wink: This should make it work.

Thanks Dee! That did the trick!

And … trying to burn a ‘getting started’ data disk I encountered the following error: “Not able to write Disc-at-once on an open disc.” Can you tell me why that’s happening?

It seems I’m running into some bad ‘getting started mojo’.

Thanks again!

is that a completely clean disk you’re using or have you written to it in nero before?

if you’ve used multisession on it i’d expect to see that error - try another disk.

you may also want to get the newest version of nero if you have any more problems, although that trick worked you must be using an older version than the current as i didnt have these problems :slight_smile:

Good luck with the mojo