3540a incompatibility booktype/firmware?

Hello, I created a data DVD with Nero, using a dvd+rw and the 1.W8 firmware.
I think the booktype must have defaulted to dvd-rom.
(I would like it to default to dvd+rw - What’s the best way to set it?)

Later, I reinstalled the 1.01e firmware. Now, the 3540a would not read
the dvd-rw created above. NOt sure of the error message, but neither
explorer nor isobuster could display the disk contents.

I ended up uinstallling Nero, running the clean program, reinstalling nero,
and now I was able to run erase on this dvd-rw. The reason I reverted to
1.01 was all the errors on the cdspeed disk quality page.
On the other hand, perhaps it’s the media -
It’s Maxell dvd+rw, 4x, “disk info” identifies it as “ricoh”,
with MID RICOHJPN W11 (001)
TIA for any info.

For +RW, the default booktype is always already +RW, and that is by far the best compatible setting, IMO.

A +RW cannot be a -RW, ever, even if you set the booktype to another than +RW.

Thanks for the info. But why would the computer be unable to read the disk after I had regressed the firmware?
If I remember rightly, when the 1.W8 FW was installed Nero Burning Rom
put out a message at the beginning of the burn “setting booktype to
dvd-rom” - Something set incorrectly in Nero?
Just an anomaly?