3540A for $48.49 shipped to your door?

Normally I wouldn’t post a price / sale related thread,… but dang that is cheap.
I have purchased a couple of items from Cheifvalue.com and haven’t had any issues so far. Cheifvalue is located within the U.S., (for those of you who care about the point of origin).

Here is the link:

boy, that price is dropping like a rock :stuck_out_tongue:

Newegg has it for $52 shipped.

Newegg now has it for $48 shipped.

Uh OH…

Do I hear $47… $48 going once, going twice… SOLD.

Newegg and Chiefvalue are sister companies. You can generally expect great service from either one. As far as price, they usually will equal when you factor in shipping. Nice buy on this one !

I got the nec 3540 for 46 and the benq 1640 for 48 euro’s in the Netherlands
with these prices you dont have to choose a burner you can get them both :slight_smile:

This is not good that I have read this thread! You guys are bad! Maybe I can sneak another drive in the house!

For the brits amonst us you can get the drive for under 30 quid from SVP