3540A doesn't recognize media

Hi, I’m new here. I just bought the 3540A to replace my ailing Lite-On. I quickly ran into weird problems. The 3540A reads everything I throw at it perfectly and burns nice and fast. But on certain media I’ve burned with the Lite-On produce a “F:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function.” error. The media is cheap Pengo branded DVD+R. The NEC gives this error with all the DVDs of that brand. It recognizes and reads all other brands burned with the Lite-On perfectly. Also, the Lite-On reads the very same DVDs the NEC doesn’t just fine. I’ve tried it with the 1.01 firmware as well as Liggy’s bitsetting firmware.

RMA time?

Welcome to the forum Aghup :slight_smile:

This sort of problems happen, some medias will NOT play on all drives, specially el-cheapo medias. That’s life. :frowning:

LiteOn drives have a solid reputation of being top readers, this can explain why you can read these discs on your LiteOn and not on the NEC.

If you have a lot of these discs, maybe the NEC was not the perfect choice to replace you LiteOn. But personally I wouldn’t blame a drive because it rejects el-cheapo media, I would blame the media…

Good luck :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think that’s probably it. I just burn a LOT of DVDs so I usually get the cheapest I can get. With 1000+ CDs burned always on the cheapest brands I’ve never (never) had problems. Now I have 2 or 3 cakes of dud DVDs. Grrr…

Actually your NEC is a better burner than your LiteOn, so maybe the NEC will recognize the discs it burned itself…

“I just burn a LOT of DVDs so I usually get the cheapest I can get”

I don’t want to lecture you, but if you have to re-burn “a lot of DVDs” in two years because of degradation, you’ll bite your own fingers and curse yourself badly for having gone the cheap way… :wink: - that’s what happened to me with CDRs, and I know a lot of users around who had similar adventures with el-cheapo DVDs (early CMC, Princo, unbranded stuff, you name it…)

Your call :bigsmile: - but you’ve been warned :cop:

Edit: Do you buy your discs in shops? If so, you’ll be interested to know that you may buy top stuff (Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, Maxell…) online and these will actually cost you LESS than the cheapest discs you can find in “regular” stores or hypermarkets… :wink: