3540A does'nt accept CDs anymore.. doh! What the..?



One month old, +/- 80 DVDs burnt, +/- 35 CDs burnt. Already a failure… damn! :doh:

Still handles DVDs without problem, just does’nt seem to accept CDs anymore… doesn’t even read pressed CDs. :eek:

Well, as I used 1.W5, the warranty is void so I’ll just have to live with it, or buy a new 3540A or just use my old Plexwriter because my Pioneer 109 is not a premium CD writer.

Whatever. This is clearly a drive failure, considering the noise it makes when I put a CD in (brvr…clk…clk…scritch…clk…bvr… etc…), so I’m not asking for help here, but for enlightenment.

Does anyone have an idea, from a technical point of view, how a drive may have problems reading CDs when it still handles DVDs without problem? I would have thought it’s harder for a drive to handle DVDs than CDs, so I’m baffled :confused: :confused:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge or ideas… :slight_smile:


CD-R and DVD R require laser light at different wavelengths to read and write, it’s not that uncommon for one of these to fail, leaving the other media type working.


I see… thanks or the input Dee :slight_smile:


Anyone know if this is a common problem w/ the 3540A’s? I am looking into buy an NEC soon


sorry to hear about this…i hope mine holds up ok…did you try flashing back to stock firmware?


Of course :wink: but it’s definitly a hardware failure, I’ve already bought a new drive. Thanks anyway for the support, Rivi. :slight_smile:

To reply to asdf54, no I don’t think it’s a common problem, I’ve done a lot of reading before buying mine and I guess I would have spotted such an issue.

I was just unlucky I guess… :frowning:


i thought you were the lucky one? hope you get a better drive next time!


hmm i wonder if this failure is related to the hacked firmware?I gotta wonder why hacked firmware voids the warranty?Anyone care to comment why…if its just writing enhancements why would that void the hardware warranty? Of course if you flashed it wrong and ruined because you used the wrong firmware etc i could see it being void.I’ve had quite a few cd-dvd burners and have never had one go bad yet and i’ve always used hacked firmwares.I have read about dvdrw drives losing the ability to read and write cds…seems to be a common problem…the thing i i wonder about is if it still reads and writes dvd’s then the basic workings of the drive are ok…sound like a calibration error or something moved out of spec in the mechanical parts of the drive making reading writing cd’s out of its range.I have read where some people actually readjust the internal mechanical working and get the driving working fine again…i’ver also read that part of the EEPROm has permanent info about the drives calibrations set at the factory that never gets written over…


I believe that changing firmware other than the official one,may rarely cause laser
pickup failures by the time…

Because unofficial firmwares are modified in a way that change the way laser writes
to the medium…so called write strategy changes…

But changing the write strategy also changes the laser calibration power.and very
rarely this may be the reason of laser pickup failures…

there is no other logical thing other than this i believe…


LOL That’s not fair, memory man! :bigsmile: - Actually my new drive is not as good a scanner as the former one :frowning:

This is standard for all electronic appliances. If you modify it with something (components, software) unofficial, it voids the warranty. Take a look at the warranty policies for your TV set for example.


Absolute rubbish. No one that i know of can change write strategies for CD-R, CD-RW and since this was a problem with CD-R, you can’t blame the firmware.


This, plus there are dozens of 1.WX users around, and there has been no other report of CD-R handling failure…

That’s the old issue, when something goes wrong, one goes “what have I done?”, sometimes it makes sense, but sometimes the appliance is simply defective…


Sorry to say it but I’ve had the same trouble with 2 different drives. I bought a 3540A from newegg.com back in July and it worked well for about a month. Then stopped reading/writing CDs but still did DVD just fine. I got a replacement RMA from newegg and they sent me a new 3540A but that one did the same thing after only a week. I’m waiting on my second replacement now. Hope the 3rd 3540A holds up better. :doh:


Mine didnt except blank dvds so i sent the crap back


Arhg :frowning: Crossing fingers here :wink:

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: