3540A does not read discs

Ok. This is getting annoying. I have been trying to re-install Fedora core 5 on my computer from the DVD I burned with my NEC 3540A drive, and it boots correctly and goes through all the install configuration up to the point where it is supposed to actually start copying files to the hard drive. At this point the disc starts spinning, and then it stops, and that’s it, light is off and computer is just there waiting. The system is not frozen, I can use the mouse and keyboard, no problem. The most strange thing is I installed linux from this DVD to begin with, with no problem.

After going trough the same thing three times (i’m stubborn), I decided the heck with it and restore my MBR to Wndows XP only. I put my Windows XP install CD to boot into rescue mode, and … the same thing!! :a It starts booting, the classic message “Press any key to boot from CD…” and when I do, the disc starts spinning and then it stops, light off, and just sits there doing nothing.

I must add that I can read the discs with no problem from within Windows. I had firmware 1.01 and after all this updated to 1.04, but that didn’t change anything.

Any ideas, suggestions, comments are welcome.

Test the drive in another computer.

The drive seems to be working. In the past days I have installed programs, burned DVD’s and ripped music CD’s with no problems. Of course all of this is within Windows XP. The above mentioned behavior occurs only outside from any OS, e.g. when booting with a CD or installing an OS.
The WinXP CD actually starts booting and ask to press a key, but then nothing, the Fedora 5 DVD boots with no problem, but after going through all the pre-install menus, when the time comes to actually copy files… nothing. What are possible causes for this, other than “the drive is faulty, replace it”?

I had an issue once, I don’t remember if it was my primary pc with the 3540 or not, but I constantly had error messages popping up during a windows install, saying this file was not found,and then this other file was not found.
I could remove the disc, and check for the exact file on my other pc, and it would be there. I did a bit of research, and found an article that said sometimes during install of windows, that the drive is trying to read too fast, and can miss some files because of this. The article said to put the drive into pio mode and then try. This did work for me, I am not sure if this would help you or not. Good Luck

Such an issue during install can be also due to a bad source/media and bad RAM modules.

But the trouble the OP has is by software/drivers, I think.