3540A buffer during the burn




I just got the 3540A yesterday from newegg, isntalled it, burned couple of DVD’s and was amazed at the quality of burns I got. However, something puzzled me about it’s operation. At the beginning of the burn the buffer remained at a steady 97% full, then about a third of the way through, the buffer would empty out to 0% and then fill itself back up to 97%. That would repeat itself several times through the burn. It did not seem to affect the quality of the burn, but I never saw a drive do that unless it had problems getting the information for the hard disk.

Can somebody please calrify what’s happening here?



This is DMA problem if you have Win 98/Me manager system/CDROM/DMA
Please enable the dma like in the post Win 2000/XP/2003—>>>http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616


If it’s the “drive buffer” that does it, you have nothing to worry about. It’s perfectly normal for all recent high-speed drives.
The drive re-calibrates the laser during the burn at regular intervals (about every 500MB, and at each actual burning speed change) :wink:

@muzykmarcin, when DMA is not activated I think the first symptom is you can’t burn faster than 4X, sometimes not even faster than 2.4X.

Nevertheless, the advice is good to take, checking your DMA settings won’t hurt :iagree:


thats right
thank`s Francksoy


Can’t really clarify, but I have found the same thing with my 3540A. Burns are perfect, but the buffer jumps around quite a bit. More than my Plextor 712, 716 and an old TDK drive that is now retired.

I never did really do any meaningful tests with it, but I am not gonna worry unless I see some bad burns out of it.