3540a BIG problem

PEOPLE PLEASE HELP!!! Couple a months ago,I bought this rom and it worked perfectly untill today. When I turn the computer on,the indicator start to blink,and it doesn’t stop at all. I try to open the tray,but I can not.
I don’t know what to do. :sad: :sad: :sad:

ps,sorry for bad english

Is the drive recognized in the BIOS, and if yes, as what?

Yes. As Nec 3540a.
According to device manager everything is fine,but it’s far from fine.

Check the connections and jumpering, then maybe replace the IDE cable too.

I tried all that,but the problem remains.

I put new original firmware,and the problem was solved. Now I have another problem. I can’t read neither one disc. Also,there’s a strange noise coming from nec (like a quiet rafals of machine gun,if you understand me). Maybe the electromotor is dead. If it is how can I replace it? Where can I find another one?

Dead drive, most probably. You won’t find another 3540 unless you’re lucky… RMA this one anyway! You’ll probably get a 3550 in return. The problem is, if you used the 3540 for quality scanning, you’ll be very disappointed with the 3550 in this area. :frowning:

As you said,I returned 3540 and they gave me 3550. But now nero test is very bad. With this average pi errors are over 200. With 3540 they were only 15. What is the problem?

Which means the 3550/4550 family of drives are unreliable scanners (most units are, at least), mainly for PIE reporting, totally absurd. Many units are OK for PIF reporting though (mine is).