3540 which firmware should I use for Ritek/TY disc burning?



Sorry for such a noob question.
I did a lot of reading and searches but I can’t
really seem to determine which firmware I should be using on my NEC 3540 ?

Basically I almost always use Ritek G05 or TYG01 media.
I usually buy from someplace like shop4tech, supermedia store, etc.
I was under the impression that these were 2 of the best and most used medias you can buy?

I am not greedy, I don’t want to burn at 16X or anything like that.
Just like 6 or maybe 8X.

What firmware should I be using for best results?
I guess the liggy 1.5 is the newest and best?
I was not sure what the difference was between that and the “1.01e”
They seem to do the same things??? (bitsetting, remove riplock, etc)

Also I like to burn with Nero and sometimes dvd decrypt. Are those good programs to use with this drive??

I guess the reason I am asking this is because I cannot seem to get good burns at anything faster than 4X.

If I do 4X everything is ok. If I choose 6X then when I scan the disc with dvdinfo pro it has errors at about 20% in.

I’m just trying to determine if I simply have a bad drive and need to exchange it or if the issue is more firmware or media releated.

thank you!


I find my 3540 a bit dissapointing but w1.05 is the best firmware I have tried.w1.06 is coming soon.Your software is fine but avoid Ritek G05.Try TYG02 just a bit more expensive thanTYG01 but it gives me better burns than G01.@12x is better than 8x for me see #670 http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=136927&page=27&pp=25 :slight_smile:



I am using Liggys 101ebt.zip from here:


Burns Taiyo Yuden TYG01 and TYG02 very well-

The Ritek G05’s proved to be very marginal media and I wound up binning the last 12 or 13 in my second 100 cakebox due to low Quality Scores and coasters - and will personally not buy any more Ritek discs - until it is proven that they can return to producing a quality product-



thanks for the advice.
Will try the other firmware and will
look into getting the better TY’s.

The TY’s you mentioned are those the 8X’s ??
Cause the ones I get are technically just 4X I guess
and come in that “value package” wrap ?
Are those not very good then?


Just to be clear so you know what you’re doing:

Last official NEC firmware is 1.01
Liggy and Dee’s 1.W5 is UNofficial and will void the warranty of the drive.
Read this post in its entirety :wink:

Cheers :slight_smile:


thanks. But could’nt you just flash it back to the original firmware for any warranty issues ?? Also I JUST got the drive so I could just return it to newegg. I dont even need to do warranty. Does newegg even check firmware? They would probably just swap it out for another drive I assumed.


“But could’nt you just flash it back to the original firmware for any warranty issues”
Simply put: NO :disagree:

You may flash back the drive to the official firmware, but the crossflash will have left some kind of traces (don’t know what exactly but I 100% trust Dee-27 on this) that NEC will be aware of.

“Also I JUST got the drive so I could just return it to newegg. I dont even need to do warranty”
?Not sure what you’re meaning here…? :confused: You mean return the drive if the firmware change messes with it? If so, rest assured, this is VERY unlikely that flashing to 1.W5 will do any damage to your drive! I don’t think this ever happened actually… :cool:


No about returning it I just meant if I decide to return it for poor performance.
For example not being able to do more than 4X. Again I would just like to be able to do 6-8X reliable. But I cannot seem to get error free results on anything over 4X


With the 3540A? If so, with what discs exactly? If your G05 are from the infamous recent batches (please follow the links in this post of mine to learn more on this G05 subject), your problem lies with the discs. G05 is very, very variable and goes from good to… awfully crappy.
On the other hand, on my own 3540A I can burn G04 (Ridisc purple) @8X without any problem (with 1.W5 firmware of course, official firmware doesn’t allow overspeeding of G04).

As for TYG01 (which are excellent discs), I have no experience with these (I only use TYG02), so I don’t know if overspeeding is OK with them.

Anyway overspeeding is not the way to go with media :disagree: , with rare exceptions (TYG02 is great up to 16X for example), better buy good 8X media (TYG02, Verbatim MCC 02RG20) with the huge price drop recently… :iagree:



The last three “Value Pack” 100’s - TY’s from Shop4Tech were all TYG02’s (8x -R’s)

You may have some other issue with your burner - like DMA not being turned on in Control Panel or not having uninstalled the Secondary Channel driver after installing the 3450 to allow the new drive to set up fresh-



DMA on but whats this “secondary channel drive” thing ??


In the device manager, under “IDE controllers”, delete the secondary IDE channel, then reboot. It will freshly re-install the channel. That’s what Bigmike means I think. Not always an issue, but it can’t do no harm anyway. :iagree:

(Assuming of course that your 3540A is actually connected to the secondary channel… is it?)


Ah, yeah second channel, did it, thanks!
Will see if all this helps. I updated firmware to the 1.5 thing.