3540 vs 3550 vs 4571 vs 7173



Hi folks,

I currently own 4 NEC DVD Burner : 3540, 3550, 4571 and 7173, too much for one man :bigsmile: (OK I know some of you have 10+ but I realy need to make room).

So which one should I keep, considering :- I don’t mind the speed, only the burning quality matters

  • I only burn DVD+Rs
  • I never burn CD-R in a DVD burner
  • Scanning is not required, I use a LiteOn DVD reader for that purpose


Vote for the 7173 & 3540.


i’ve got the 3550, 4571 and 7173 and would say the 7173 is the best by far. the 4571 is a really bad reader for a start.

my 3500 still chugs along faithfully though :wink:


Thanks, I’ll think I’ll get rid of the 3550 & 4571 then :wink:


Way to go IMO. :iagree:
I still like my 3540 (great reader!), and the 7173 looks like the best NEC burner since the 3500. Never been impressed by the 3550/4550 family, and even less so by the 4570 line. :frowning:

EDIT The 3550/4550 are, nevertheless, the best [I]CDR[/I] (not DVDR) burners I ever came across. The 3540 is good too, but not as good as these. No idea about the 7170/73 (not enough feedback on this board about their CDR burning abilities :().


the 457x had some serious dvd burning problems, but when it come to cd-r it’s solid :), and the only drive that i can trust (along with my benq 1650 & the 7173).