3540 owners using CDspeed to scan medias: question


I’m considering the 3540 as my next buy. I have a Pioneer 109, great burner in terms of quality but it has poor media compatibility, and a Benq 1620 that is as reliable as a mad cow.

My question concerns scanning for PI/PIF with the 3540 using CDSpeed. I’ve read that scans performed with the 3540 were kinda erratic, but maybe some of you get reliable results with it, maybe because of a firmware update?

Is it the case, or will I have to keep my Benq for scanning?

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Yeah some have issues with the scanning. But I compared my Benq scans to the 3540 and they were similar. I think it depends on luck. I was getting bad scans but it was the media not the drive.

I burn on the 3540 and scan on my 1693s with KProbe. It is better than CDDVDSpeed.IMO.

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“I think it depends on luck”
:confused: Ahe? What do you mean? Luck when buying the drive?

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The scans I got with my 3540 are reliable, apart from that in most of the scans there are one or two PIF spikes. But those seem to be a property of the drive, not of the media. I guess I was less lucky with my drive.

But apart from the spikes I have nothing to complain about.

I find mine to be a good scanner. I keep mine set to 16x…it’s fast and is pretty accurate. Of course, PIE’s will always be a bit higher at the faster speeds (14x+). It works as a good quick check drive for me. My primary scanning drive is a Liteon.

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I’ve also foud the very informative thread with Zevia’s review of the drive, it seems the 3540 is definitly what I’m looking for.

Of course I had already consulted Jan70’s review at CDFreaks which confirmed the superior burning quality of the 3540 (from the scans I’ve seen it’s totally on par with my Pioneer 109, and it’s more compatible) but it didn’t tell much about its real-world scanning abilities.

Outstanding burning quality + 16x scanning with reasonably accurate results, WOW. :cool:
Too bad it doesn’t report jitter… :frowning:

I’m ordering one today :stuck_out_tongue:

Quikee posted some scans before I bought my 3540 here:

16x scanning on NEC

My 3540 has similar results…sometimes double the PIE…but at 16x, I can push some DVD’s out the door with confidence.

PS: the rest of the thread has some other examples (-R’s).

Yeah, I’ve seen Quickee’s posts in this thread too. :cool:

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: