3540 In Stock Now (UK)


£38.77 Including VAT - just a fraction more than the 3520. :slight_smile:

Available in both black and white.

CCL also have them in black, silver and Beige

Woohoo! I ordered a 3540 from overclockers. Hopefully it won’t take to long to get to me, (Minnesota). Thanks for the heads up on availability.

so does this model write discs better than the nec 2520?

What does it have in common with the 3530? Are they the same?

Well since nobody has one yet how the hell is anyone supposed to tell how good it is or whether it has testing abilities? :slight_smile:

Keeps an eye on SVP.

“NEC ND3540 16x16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter - OEM (CD-018-NE)
The ND-3540 is the first drive to write dual layer media at eight speed. This new technologhy enables 8.5Gbyte of data to be written in only seven minutes. This makes the ND-3540 the market leader in high performance DVD writers.”

Someone has their math wrong. Also their spelling. :wink:

Hehe it’s also not the first drive that writes DVD+R DL at 8x… BenQ 1640 was a little faster. =P

Can someone dump the firmware to disc and email it to Liggy, Quickee or Herrie (Although Herrie seems ot have fallen off the map of late) when they get it?


We already have the firmware :wink:

ive ordered one.

think somebodys allready sent the firmware to the right peeps… http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=135397

btw does anybody know if the jitter is lower on this than the nec 3520?

oh well i suppose i’ll find out when i get it :slight_smile:

eddy64: The firmware there is not for 3540… but for 3450 :wink:

doh, sorry. me must use brain more…

Yeah. SO somebody dump the ‘3540’ fw as soon as possible so we can get to see what it has or does not have so to speak :slight_smile:

Done :wink:

Dumb question! When you dump the FW do you just flash it back with the same FW? If so, I will send someone the 3530 if they don’t have it yet!

etp: Yes… you can flash back the firmware that you dumped. =) What firmware does your 3530 have ?

I didnt know that would work. The power isnt different for components sold in other countries?

Man, I want one of those! I hope they start selling in the U.S. soon!

No, the computer “power” is the same all around the world; (+3), +5, +12 Volt and ground (Molex connectors).