3540 Far from impressed



POS category or not? I am far from impressed, my 18 month old msi has never gave errors like this, ever

Verbatim MCC02RG20 burned@2x


Fails transfer scan midway and read errors on dvdinfopro+cd-dvdspeed

Not a one off scan more of mine here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=135599&page=5


Are you getting simular results burning that media at rated [I]speeds ? Give it a try and post.


Such results on Verbatim media is unbearable


Big improvement Verbatim-MCC02RG20 Burned@8x

This is exactly the same burn as the first image, only difference the 8x


Max-Tractor, I see that you are new on these forums, so I don’t want to insult you and scare you away, but if you had done some reading before you started posting you would have seen many posts advising you to not burn media slower than it’s rated speed.

The only exception to this that I am aware of is 16x rated media. Invariably, 16x rated media seems to burn better at 12x than at 16x.


I totally agree with that statement.:iagree:


Insult away, new here means exactly that. I was never aware that a post count portrayed one’s knowledge or lack of it.

I am aware of the burning slower than rated myth, although like most things burning related, many factors contribute to a successful burn. If it was that important, I could provide good scan results with media burned at lower speeds. If you had read my second post you would have seen my other media/burn speed tests.

As for reading up, I have been reading these forums for quite some time.

And I also take these scan results with a pinch of salt, after reading so many differing opinions on the varying results.


Now that you have that speed thing straightened out, you might want to try the improved firmware provided by Liggy & Dee. The instruction on how to save your current firmare and flash to different ones are provided it the thread.
That 3540 ain’t so bad now compaired to your other burner is it ?



Thanks, I have been monitoring the thread

At the moment, I am not convinced. I just un-moth balled my dr4a

Datawrite Grey8x burned@2x FUJIFILM03


A 2x or 4x burn shouldn’t result in significantly higher PIEs/PIFs, even with 8x media. I consistently get good burns @ 4x with 8x Yuden media!



Oh dear.


The experience you have with burning MCC 02RG20 at 2x on the NEC 3540 matches exactly what I experienced on my NEC 3500:

PIE max > 1100 , PIE total > 13 million , PIF max = 48, PIF total > 690.000
Read Transfer fails 0.6GB into the disc. A total coaster if I ever saw one! :Z

Yet the same media in the same spindle burned at 6x, 8x or 12x in the same drive provide the bests burns ever, unmatched by any media I have tried on the NEC and only barely matched on my Plextor PX-712A (but with different media).

So you can blame the firmware for having totally unusable writing strategy for 2x burning, but don’t blame the drive or the media based solely on your burning experience at 2x with 8x media!!!

11th Commandment:
Thou shall not burn 8x or 16x media below 4x on a NEC 3540 drive. :cop:


This applies also for all Nec drives… and many other 16x drives as well. =) No manufacturer tunes 2x strategies for (4x),8x,16x discs anymore… why should they.