3540 doesnt recognize cd's

Hey guys,

I have a weird problem,
my 3540 (purchased 3 month ago) suddenly stopped reading CD’s.

First I thought it might be the media, but I tried at least 5 diffrent brands
including TDK and I dont think im that unlucky… :slight_smile:

So my second move was a firmware update, first to stock 1.03 and now
to Dee’s W.7 and still nothing. :confused:

Have you ever heared of something like that happening?
its funny cause the drive isnt old, it produces excellent DVD burns and I almost never used it for CD’d.

any ideas?

another 3540 bites the dust … :sigh: assuming the DVD side still reads/burns fine, the CD laser died, it needs to be replaced/RMAd

I’m trying to figure out if there is a pattern to this:
what month was your 3540A manufactured?
roughly how many CD’s did you burn b4 the the CD laser died?

other people who’ve had their 3540 CD lasers die:

I had the exact same problem. Had to RMA the drive…

Just curious :what firmware were you using when it first failed?

My drive was manufactured in may 2005.

I dont think I burned even a single CD!!! I have an Asus cd burner than I use to burn CD’s… thats why I cant understand why that happened!

I was using stock firmware 1.01 till the 1.03 was out, and then it happened (I think) I cant really tell you cause as I said, I never use it for CD’s.

Damn bad luck! :sad:

Francksoy, I see you also had a dead May 2005 drive:

so far I count three (3) May 2005 drives with dead CD lasers, coupled with the problems ppl were finding in this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=148762

my guess right now is this is a hardware problem, likely poor calibration/process control at the factory or a batch of bad parts within the May timeframe. I don’t think firmware has much of anything to do with this although I wonder if those people who got worse results with 1.03 firmware all had May built drives???

I hate to revive an old thread, but as this is a trend, I havnt written or read any regulard CD’s in my brand new (and I mean less than a week old) NEC, and it doesnt read any regulard CD’s at all…

Can anyone help me?

It’s a hardware failure, we can’t help you… you have to take it back to the shop. :frowning:

odd to buy new hardware that doesnt work straight out of the box… :-S thanks frank. I have such luck, I just built this PC and already I have to RMA the motherboard, and now the optical drive… at least the cpu didnt die :-S

Bad luck :frowning:

My first 3540A could manage CDs for only… 2 weeks.

Hope you get more lucky next time :slight_smile:

ok this is just wierd, I think maybe it has to do with firmware, because now it doesnt read DVD’s, BUT, if I load up AnyDVD, it will read them just fine… so wtf? Does that make sense to any of your rom guru’s?

Gee that is strange :confused: - can’t help.

does anyone know where I need to go to RMA this drive to NEC? I am as of yet unable to find it on their site, and its has been longer than 30 days since I bought the drive off of NewEgg so they wont take it back. Help? I have poured over there site for hours now and havnt found it still.

P.S. liggy’s firmware rocks, it makes my DVD burner copy a DVD in 17 mins as opposed to 30+, I dont know wtf it does, but it sure makes a hell of a difference.