3540 Burns everything @ 4X

My nec is weird it burns everything at 4x speed maybe i got a bad batch of verbatims16x? But this also happens on TY02 media.

try create disc in nero cd dvd speed and see what you get

I know this is obvious but is the drive DMA enabled?

cnlson; The first pic is the burn
weedougie; yes of course

I always hear this high pitch noise when it starts to do @ 6x then when it goes back to 4x the noise disapears

Yet it looks it’s not… I can’t see any other reason than DMA disabled :confused:

Your windows is fudged, check control panel, system, device manager

Can we see a “burst rate” test from Nero CD-Speed?


Thanks x-dr3am
From your graph it seems the drive is setup properly with UDMA mode enabled and a good “burst rate” test. I assume the hard drive is also UDMA enabled.

I think this leaves either a media problem, or some sort of drive failure. If possible try some other media, although if the media you have used is real TY and Verbatim, there shouldn’t be a problem with the media.

ive tried both + & - 16x verbatims and ty dunno if they are fake or not but doubt all 3 are fake i dunno… this made me order a benq 1650