3540 as primary Reader?

Hi guys,
I am planning to get rid of my old, loud toshiba 1712 and get myself a nice new NEC 3540A.
Would You do so, too? Or would you leave toshiba’s clockwork in place? Why/Why not? is the 3540 able to read RMPS infomation/ to create good, high quality images? I also have a 2500A, which is burning fantasticly, but can hardly read slightly scratched discs. what about 3540 here?

Thanks a lot for your help! :slight_smile:

i would keep the 1712 in place, reads dvd-ram, with readhack it’s fast and reliable. and for some games it’s easier to play backup-ed games . but overall because it’s a reliable reader

3540 reads excellent in my experience.

I would take WesSocietys advice. I am reading with the Nec 3540 101dbt and writing with my 3520 1UF I am using TYG-02 aqnd 03 media on the dash side and Yuden T002 on the + side. I think its a great combination. I think there will be new firmware for the 3540 soon.

ok. thanks a lot. will get myself one of these babys then and put my toshiba into my desk :smiley: