3540 and 4x dvd rw

after some rudimentary testing using cdspeed, I seem to get a
better “quality score” when I burn/scan using the 101e firmware.

I’ve tried 1.W7, W8 AND W9, and on 4x dvd rw (such as ricohjpn w11)
their scores are consistently 5 - 10 points less, when burning the same project to the disk, erase, and repeat.

The better score seems to be about 73 on this media at 5x.
Regardless of it’s relationship the other firmwares, it seems low overall.

I’m not that interested in the obtaining the highest dvd ± r quality,
since I hardly use them. I record avi files onto rw watch them once
on the TV, and reuse them.

Can you save a screenshot from CD-Speed and show us the result?

Hi Dee,
Well I have egg on my face with the latest scans.
The quality score is the same, presumably because of similar red spikes.
However, the 1W8 f/w actually has lower averages also.

I’ll retrace my earlier steps to see how I reached the conclusion i did;
it’s possible I just screwed up.

The two images enclosed show the same iso project written and scanned
first by 1w8, and then written and scanned again by 101e.

Hi Dave
If you only use RW media, you would as well using the stock firmware, as we never modify any write strategies for RW media.
We only modify +R -R media writing strategies.

Hi Dee, thanks for the info.
Does your firmware modifiy strategies for +r -r only if they are burned above
their rated speed, or is there a difference all the time?

Secondly, is there any difference in the strategies of the stock firmewares 101,
103 and 104 for rw media?

Thirdly, I like you F/w; the drive seems snappier and more responsive during
burning operations. (Of course, that could be my imagination too) !