3540-a starts to burn slowly dvds (withx12 25 minutes)

Hi all i have nec3540-a,it was perfect and burned dvds fast enough,but since one week it began to burn dvds slowly,i mean very very slowly lie x2 instead of x12 or x8.It takes 25minutes to burn a 4.7gb dvdrom @x8.The strange thing is nero thinks that it still burns @x12 or @x8.
Here are what i did to fix:
-Updated firmware didnt help
-used different versions of nero didnt help
-tried different brand of dvds no help

What info should i give to get some help?

Do you’ve checked DMA settings?

DMA off, most definitely.

Two links for you.

The first is a guide to fixing a DMA problem , it’s here

The second is a patch to the registry to let Nero show it’s exact burning speed. It’s here

My problem isnt related with that cause it’s already dma if availible selected and strange thing is that it still shows pio…strange,and thx for replies an helpful links but :frowning:

Ok, if you select for your drive DMA If available in the IDE settings, do you’ve rebooted your system?

yes i had,btw i gave u guys some wrong information,DMA was on,and dvd-writer had ultra dma2 selected.İ have found some a strange thing though,i didnt have any installed devices on secondary IDE channel but,under its settings it shows one device connected ,which has pio mode,strange…

@rapid fire of course i did :slight_smile: