3540 16x failures

i have rma’d this drive and i just need a little valediction;

the discs used are fuji 8x (ty t02) and verbatim 16x (mcc004) that burn nicely in my pair of 3500’s. as you can see from the differnt styled graphs i tried in 2 machines. dma is verified on and the drivers are MS. the cables were an 80 in the green graph and a 40 (since 40 is good enough for ata2) in the grey graphs. the green graph is the system with 2 3500’s. the 2 gig drop backs are ty the shorter one is the mcc

nobody with an opinion?

Yes! :slight_smile:


What do the scans from the 3540 look like?

didn’t bother since it couldn’t hit speed. looked to me like the drive just wasn’t capable. i had a mcc003 that it did something similar with. the 16x were just the most obvious.

Worth checking this because i have seen this problem before. Your pics shows DMA is enabled in Windows. Also check it is enabled in the BIOS, as some people have reported that the ND-3520 and 3540 have disabled this in the system BIOS

bios on one only shows auto on the second my 3500 is back in and no ill effects… the scans are looking horrible so far

ty and mcc

tyResult.txt (566 Bytes)

and mcc003 no burn rate graph cause i tried with nero but suffice to say it was more than 14 minutes for a 12x media

It looks like you have a faulty drive :frowning: I see you have a requested an RMA, i think this is wise and lets hope the replacement drive performs better.