3540 - 1.01e bitsetting and LD 1.W5 - plus a Liggy and Dee website

Dee and I teamed up again with me adding the bitsetting patch to a new 1.01 firmware (we call it 1.01e) for the 3540 and Wendy adding some speed patches again.

In order to have a central place for our firmware modifications, we created our own NEC website now. There you will be able to find my 1.01e bitsetting firmware and Dee’s modified 1.W5 firmware along with some more infos about them.

The site is still under construction, so many pages do not exist yet. But whenever we find time for it, we will update the page and try to complete it a bit more.

Welcome to Liggy’s and Dee’s NEC firmware site!

You will find my 1.01e bitsetting and Dee’s 1.W5 firmware on our NEC ND3540 page

Good Job! :clap:

Nice page you guys got there, thank you for your hard effort dedication and time to us. Now time to try 1.W5 :bigsmile:

Nice! :clap:

Though, I see no changelog for 1.W5 … Mind posting it?

EDIT: errm, I mean, a changelog on the site… I just saw one in the archive :wink:

VERY nice. Hats off to both of you!

Nice! And good job.

Hi :slight_smile:
Liggy & Dee + 1.W5= :bow: :clap: :bow: :clap: :bow: :clap:

When clicking on the ‘Dee’s ND3540A 1.W5 firmware’ link a new window is opened but stays blank and nothing happens after that. This occurs to all links I click. What is going on?

Update: You have to disable Download Accelerator Plus before it will work!!!

content in that new window should look like this:


update: hehe i use firefox w/o dap :slight_smile:

I hope you both still be on this forum telling us when new firmwares are released.

Of course we will report new forum releases here. But just in case you don’t want to miss anything, you might have a look at our Blog.

I don’t know what exactly confuses DAP. The links are created in a way to open a popup window if javascript is enabled, otherwise the window is opened in a new page. Tested this with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The popup windows opens but stays blank and nothing happens. When disabeling DAP I see the text and download link in the popup window. Keep in mind that I use DAP v5.3
I use the latest Internet Explorer which is up to date with the latest updates!

You made no link to my page :sad:

Also I miss the change log Dee always made when releasing a new firmware as on http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=986691&postcount=1

Not bad, looks pretty good to me:
12x burn on 3540, scan 5x on 3520.

Nice work!! :bow:

Liggy, what software to create the Blog, if you don’t mind? :wink:

WordPress. At least, that’s what it says when you try to post a comment and it asked for a login. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot for your great work!

Unfortunately I can’t use the CDFreaks Login for the Blog and I don’t want to allow posting comments for everyone to prevent the blog from being spammed. So you will only see messages from Dee and me there.

I am sorry if I missed something but I did not see the usual write strat changes that L&D usually post when a new firmware is released.

When I tried to download the firmware from your site I got a message saying "Corrupted Zip File " but when I went to Scorpiosofts webpage it downloaded perfectly. I was just wondering why that occured and if anyone else had this problem. Good job and thanks. Is there a changling for the write srats?

Downloading works fine here. What software did you try to use for downloading? Some download managers might not work!

Waiting for the “change log” too :slight_smile:

Btw since the 3540 has higher RW speeds,is it possible to overspeed ±RW 4X medias? or will it just ruin them?