3530 - Upgrade or not?

I have got a Dell supplied 3530, which has been working OK, but there have not been any firmware upgrades for some time, and the latest from dell does not allow for bitsetting, so…

Is is currently possible to cross flash to a 3540? and if so how.

If it is possible, is it advisable, as there are much later firmwares available.

Thanks In Advance,

Richard :bow:


Not very helpful.

I have been there and it is very informative abut specific firmwares, but does not help with the question.

3.01 is the only file with bitsetting, which is what you want. I am not sure how thats hard to understand

Read this if you need help with flashing, MAKE SURE you download win32 GUI v1.22

If you took the time to actually read the post, you would realise that I was asking advice about the advisability of crossflashing - not about providing bitsetting support. I mentioned that I need bitsetting support, which I already have, using Liggys firmware 1.v1, which also has bitsetting support.

Dude what is your problem, you are basically asking for firmware with bitsetting. I don’t know if it is cross-flashable, if I did I would have answered your question, but I do know there is firmware by liggyandDee that has bitsetting.

You have to remember we are volunteering to help your and you are acting like a jerk, I and others are definitely not going to help you. Crip that’s all I was trying to do and your going to give me crap. Don’t think I will ever answer any other post by you again.

You never stated you currently where using bitsetting firmware

This is currently being investigated. Unfortunately I forgot something about the order in which the steps need to be done, so I have to create some modified Binflash versions first.

Offer to help?

As far as being a jerk is concerned, I bow down to you as an expert. As I said, read the post - it is in English after all and quite clear. :a

Thanks very much Liggy, I look forward to the results of your efforts.

Regards, Richard :bow:

Please watch your language and remember that English is not everyone’s first language here and people may sometimes misunderstand what other people expect - even when they’re both speaking the same language!

I do not believe that I have used any innappropriate language, and object to being called a jerk. I think that my response was perfectly reasonable and measured, under the circumstances.

Oops. Sorry, that was my fault. :o

I overlooked Sony3200 calling you a jerk first, so watching the language primarily applies to him.

Done and done, my apologies,

Is rude a better term? :wink: