3520AW Vs 3500AG

I’ve got both of these drives and I’m wondering which do people consider the best, as I’ll be selling one. I think I’ve noticed the 3520A is a little nosier when playing back DVDs, but in general, which one is less picky with media and a more reliable drive, etc?

Cheers (1st post :p)

The 3500 is said to produce higher quality burns, however, keep in mind that burn quality varies greatly with different media. The 3520 on the other hand can do PI/PIF scanning, that’s something the 3500 can’t do (…yet, it is expected that this feature will be added to the 3500 in the near future).

I doubt if much can be said about the reliability of both drives. Some people did 500+ burns with their drive without any decrease in performance, others had drives that were dead only a few weeks after they purchased it. It is a matter of personal experience. I for example will never buy Philips again, but there are plenty of people that enjoy owning one of their drives.

At the moment I’m considering buying a new drive and still haven’t chosen between the 3500, 3520 and the 3540 yet (I’m also considering a Benq). But if I were to buy a new one right now, it would be a 3520, since it can produce good burns and it can do PI/PIF scanning.

I’ll have a 3520 on Tuesday and will be posting scans (see my sig.) that night if you want to compare media I use.

Sell the 3500. :slight_smile:

Our writer just died (good old pioneer 106d) and we are considering to buy one of these writers.I know 3520A is newer tech but from what I read some users have problems with 3520A when used with cheaper media.(we cant find quality brands here everyday , we try to use verbatim but they arent sold that much around here)

Is that true and which one would the experts here recommend me to buy next ?

I need immediate answer because we backup our daily data to dvd 's and this is important to us.

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IMO the ND-3500 is still the best drive of the two.

So read around the forum you may be amazed at what you find.

Why are you selling one?
I would think that you wouldn’t be getting that much money for a used drive since a new 3520 can be bought at Newegg for $50.99.

If it were me I would keep both. I don’t have either machine, but from what I’ve read in the forum, it appears that the 3500 has a cult-like following.

I got my 3520 and ran the tests see here for a summary.


You’ll have to pry my 3500 from my cold dead fingers…or at least until something better comes along, and from what I’ve read, the 3520 ain’t it.

No question about it, NEC 3500 with L/D mod f/w is the best or among the best DVD writer as far as quality of burning concern. I would stick with 3500 unless some significantly proven better.

Agree too !


I just love both my 3500’s and wouldn’t give them up for anything else currently out there-

I got a POS BenQ 1620 Pro from Newegg - what a piece of donky $hit it turned out to be - thank goodness it was only $50 - but still - oh well-