3520a won't read CD's



My NEC-3520A has been running perfectly untill recently when i tried to burn a CD and it didn’t see the CD. No matter what CD i put in it will not see it.

works perfectly with DVD’s though.

Thanks for any help



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It’s not that uncommon for a drive to be able to read/burn DVD’s and not CD’s.
It is most likely your drive is faulty and you will need to RMA it.
I assume it also fails to read pressed CD-ROM and Audio discs?


the same thing happened to my 3520 in march. i had to rma it with newegg and my replacement has been working fine ever since knock on wood =)


hi dee.

I have a 3540. It’s been working with both DVDs and CDs fine since July until recently, when it stopped reading CDs, its OK with DVDs though.

Do you think I have the same problem? Will I have to RMA it? If I do, bot dont have the invoice, can I still send it?

thanks a lot.


Cleaning the lense might help, but is no guarantee…


i dont think cleaning it would do it, since the burner reads DVDs fine…


2 lenses… :wink:


I also have a 3540a that died while burning; also will not read pressed or burned CD/CDRs; DVDs it reads A-OK. Tried a lot of fixes; lens cleaning, blowing away the drive and letting XP refind it on reboot, uninstalling the IDE channels, uninstalling the filters (per chef, thanks for the link!), etc. Uninstalled all burning software (Roxio and Nero) but nothing there. Thought it might be a OS problem, but was a little leery of burning down the house and re-installing XP. Tried plugging in an older HP burner, no problems with that. Don’t have a 2nd system to try the drive on, but I might try bringing it in to the work computer… luckily Newegg has a decent RMA policy, but wonder if I might have ended up with someone else’s RMA’d drive. Anyways, thanks for all of the suggestions, across the threads!


If you want to remove software like Nero completely, also use their cleaning tools from their support site. :wink: