3520A slow rip speed?

Hello. I just got Nec 3520A from newegg today (returned Liteon 1633S after having too much problem). First thing I did was flashed the FW to 3520Ritek.zip (Liggy’s And Dee’s NEC ND-3520 Modified Firmware Beta 2 with Ritek DVD+9 4X) firmware. Everything is working great (was able to burn 8X Maxell DVD-R at 12X, took only 6:46 in Nero) except rip speed. I tried ripping single layer DVD-R disc and I’m averaging about 4X speed with DVD Decrpter. Is that normal? I thought this firmware had riplock speed removed. One thing that I did like about Liteon 1633 was the fast ripping speed (ripped dvd-r single layer disc on average speed of 10X-11X speed).

Or should I reflash the drive to LD3520 beta 2 firmware (Although 3520Ritek firmware was suppose to be base on LD3520)??

try cd dvd speed transfer test and see if you get up to 16x(with the same maxell- disc you already done).

Okay I ran the transfer rate test and got following:

Speed: 4-12X P-CAV (11.46X Average)
Elaped Time: 4:38

how big was the file(gb) and did it ever reach 16x?

If you can,next time,save a snapshot of it and post it.