3520A Running as Scsi



Well I decided to try something diff. I purchased a ADAEC7722. Converter attaches to the back of ATAPI drives such as DVD+/-R/RW, CDRW, DVD-ROM, CD-ROMor DVD/CDRW and turn them in SCSI devices.
This device really works. The only software I have an issue w/ is Nero. I can even do firmware upgrades while using this converter. My rig is all Scsi excluding my dvd burner’s. I plan on purchasing several more of these adapters but at $80 a piece they will wait.
According to cd speed there is not much diff between ide and scsi, But I do notice a huge differnce while dumping movies.


What type of issues are you running into with Nero and your burner setup as a SCSI device ?
I’ve never tried it, but curious as to what difference you’re speaking of when ripping.


Interesting :slight_smile:
Is there any chance you could run some tests with CD-Speed and post the results?
I’m sure we would all be interested in seeing how this drive performs on a SCSI interface.


It will start the burn process and fail after 10 seconds.
DvdXCopy, Alchohol,Roxio, and Clone Dvd can burn just fine.
When I rip a movie it seems to be faster.


I will post results in a bit.
I do not know why the cpu usage is high as my cpu does not move in task manger running this test. No the Burst rate can gu upto 80mbs as this adapter is Scsi 2 compliant and my controller reconizes it as a scsi 2 device.


The last Yamaha CD burners were sometimes sold with a scsi converter. And it was WAY cheaper. Too bad it’s not available anymore.


IDE-SCSI converter costs $80? Too much. IDE-SATA external box costs just about the same.

What’s ADAEC7722 by the way? :slight_smile:

(I still have my old Plextor and Yamaha SCSI CD drives along with lots of SCSI 80-pin and 68-pin HDDs.)


I am not to thrilled on having a bunch of external boxes, although I have been thinking about getting a cd storage box they hold 6 drives and hook up via scsi.
It is an Atapi to Scsi Ultra 2 adapter, they also make Ide to Scsi ultra 160 adapters, and a whole bunch of ather adapters.


Thanks for posting those results. Let us know if you go ahead with the external storage box.


No prob. I think the box will come after I upgrade my comp. That will be a while though. As far as comparing ide to scsi interface I think there is a small increase in data transfer rates by going scsi. I use maxell 8x +r’s w/ your firmware they burn at 12x 5:35 for a complete burn, on my kids comp it takes 9 min using another 3520 drive but there comp is ide only not sure why the major time diff. Well I would say the 10k u320 drives vs. 7200 uata 100 would make a diff.