3520A, RITEKG05, 8x in 15 minutes!


I’ve recently bought the NEC 3520A burner with a spindle of RiData 8X DVD-R’s (RITEKG05). I chose the RiData discs cause I used to use their CD-R’s.

I have burned about 15 DVDs at 8x with no problems. However, I just realized that it takes around 15 minutes for me to burn a DVD at 8x when it is only supposed to take 8-9 minutes - meaning it is actually burning at 4x when I select 8x. BTW, I’m using Nero

I’ve browsed around the forum, but I’m a bit confused as to what I need to do. I checked to make sure DMA was enabled, and it is. I don’t think it is the media either. While I was searching, I came across this thread. Now I’m thinking that I need to upgrade my firmware (currently have stock v1.04.

It seems like the modified firmware, LD3520 1.UA, is the most popular here. If I flash my drive with this firmware, will I be able to burn at 8x (in 8-9 minutes)? On the media compatibility list, it shows that 8x for the RitekG05 is the max supported speed on the stock firmware - but I can’t achieve 8x burning times. :confused:

What should I do? I just want to burn 8x on my 8x media! :smiley:

RITEKG05 media may come in varying qualities. so the slow down may be owing to lousier quality media.

Mine are RiData branded.

Looks like this:

Any other suggestions? Thanks.

same ones as always:

  1. use nero cd/dvd speed and create a data disc (f9) – post the result
  2. run a burst rate test - post the result
  3. do a transfer rate test (f2)
    that will show what is actually happening.

Here are my results:

I would ask what software you are using to write the DVD, as the test screenshots from DVD Speed indicate 9 minutes 46 seconds to create that disc, which look fine to me.

I’m using Nero to burn the DVD Video files that I’ve authored. It always takes 14-15 minutes to burn a full disc at 8x. I’m not sure why.

Anyways, I’ve flashed my drive to the 1UA firmware, burned another DVD and it took 10 minutes this time (at 8x). Started at 4x, then 6x, then 8x. I think that’s how it’s supposed to work, but the burning did not stay at would go from 8x to 7x every now and then.

Is there anything else I could do?

The images you posted are great. It means that your target drive is capable of clean 8X burning of the target media! Are you sure that on the normal burns, you do not manually LIMIT the burning speed to 4X or so?
If you can prepare ISO and try to burn with freeware DVD Decrypter in Mode./ISO/Write you might get another burning test.

So, next you must check how good you get data transfered from hard drive. You can get HD Tune program, or in Nero Options, Settings somewhere there is Cache tab that you can test transfer rate. Also, try to defrag from time to time, and increase the application, ie Nero, internal buffer setting.

Next, when you burn you should keep the PC alone, especialy if it is not powerull one.

as i thought it is working fine. i have no experience with g05 but i believe i read somewhere that there are 2 types

  1. that is only good for 8x and
  2. that is good for up to 12
    you probably have the former
    10minutes is fine. the speed dips are aopc and are normal for this drive

I’m using 1.U9 on my Nec 3520 as well and I just noticed the 8x strategy seems screwed on this firmware with nero (Im using nero express OEM which I updated about 2 months ago). Cd-dvd speed has no problems creating a data disk at 8x but burning a project on nero express (once with TTG02 and once with Ritek R02-001) seemed to default to the 4x strategy even though the program had allowed me to select 8x. I thinks something is going on wierd with the 1.U9 (LD beta 9) firmware and Nero.

This is similar to my problem! I just tried burning a disc at 12x and it doesn’t go faster than 4x. What’s going on here?

then you have bad media or a too slow pc or a too busy pci bus :wink: