3520A. Refuses to burn at 48X. Help!

Hey, I just got a NEC 3520A DVD/CD burner and it refuses to burn CD’s at 48X in ero 6.

I am using a 48X media.

One of the reasons I got it was for the 48X speed on burning CD’s so I really want to get it to burn at 48X. Any ideas? I have updated to the latest NEC Firmware.

What’s the brand and atip of the media.

NEC 3520A only burns at 48x to a very few media. Verbatim is one.

Sony High Speed CD-R. It is rated at 1X-48X. Never had a problem with it until I got this crappy drive. My mistake I guess, should have done better research.

I haven’t seen Verbatim in non spindle form anywhere. I like the SONY discs because they have cases. Spindles are USELESS for music CDs because you need cases.

Are there any unnoficial firmwares I can add to get support for 48X for this media? I dont care about warranty.

What other media does this drive work on? NEC mustve made a deal with Verbatim…

If your 3520 has the same CD-R preferences as my 3500, then I can recommend Verbatim DataLifePlus 52x Super AZO CD-R (but it has to be DataLifePlus). This media burns exceptionally well in my NEC 3500 at all speeds 16x thru 48x (haven’t tested slower writing than 16x).

The media is available in spindles, jewelcases and slimcases (and also in printable versions).

Packaging differs between the US/Canada and the EU. Pictures are included below with EU packaging first.

Maxell (Ritek) also burns very well at 48x. But since it’s such a crappy burner, you might want to just send it over here and get a different one.

I used to use Maxell discs. Horrible quality. They go bad after a while even if stored in the most of optimal condition. Thats why I switched to Sony, not a single coaster, still all work.

I’m gonna try to look for Verbatim, hard to find in stores here in non spindle form. Its a shame I can’t use my Sony media though.

And I’d rather send it to Newegg and lose 15% of what I paid then 100% by throwing it away…I wish someone had told me before I bough it. Ugh. First and last time I ever buy any NEC product.

I think you should reconsider.

You say that you’re burning Audio CDs so I’d recommend burning at 16x anyway, even if you had 48x capable media. So I suggest you burn your current media at 16x which Nero and your NEC 3520 drive should certainly be capable of. 16x burning is Constant Linear Velocity (CLV) and should give you the best chance of burning the disc with low jitter. Low jitter can be important for Audio CDs.

I always burn my Audio CDs at 16x (or 8x for some older media I still have lying around) and only use the higher burning speeds when burning data.

Then when you run out of your current media you can look for the media I suggested above, or other quality media capable of 48x on your burner.

There really isn’t anything wrong with the NEC 3520 burner, it is just not specialized in burning CD-R so it doesn’t support as many different CD- media at 48x as a dedicated CD burner. It should burn most CD-R media though, just not at 48x.

That’s just awful, you have to burn it at 32x and wait a whole extra 40 sec.

Since Maxell doesn;t make media, the statement that Maxell media is no good is a bit odd. The Ritek sold by Maxell these days is as reliable as it gets. I’ve got some riding around in my car in the desert at 150’ that has survived several years.

Just curious, if you wanted a CD burner, why buy a DVD burner?

Well I don’t have time to wait for a long time to burn my disc. 16X would be really slow I think? What is the point of getting such a fast drive? I couldve just gotten a way slower drive for way cheap if it’s the same result? As far as media here, the only place that sells Verbatim, sells it in spindles which I can’t use.

I burned at 32x and I don’t hear any “jitter” so I have no idea what you’re talking about. I wonder if the Lite-ON DVD combo drive works with more media at 48X then this. I guess I have no choice but to search high and low for appropriate media or to lose money.

I am talking about these

Just plain horrible stuff. I guess the Ritek brand of Maxell is better, but these are the ones I used and with time, they all fail.

I didn’t want to buy a DVD burner, I wanted a combo drive. And that’s what I thought I was getting, a combo drive that does both DVD and CD recording but CD recording is more important. I needed the DVD there to just backup discs so I don’t give a crap about its performance. It was advertised at 48X and it doesnt do 48X on 95% of media.

A 52x LiteOn CDRW is about $25 shipped

That’s great, but I already wasted $50 on this NEC. And I need DVD capability for backups and to run DVD games.

I should have gotten the LITE-ON combo instead, it seems to support most media at 48X. My own mistake, I should have done WAY more research on this before hurrying up and getting something that does not work.

Burning at 16x takes roughly twice the time as burning at 48x. A 48x burn doesn’t burn at 48x all the way, it starts at about 20x and increases until it reaches 48x at the end of the disc. A 16x burn on the other hand burns at 16x all the way, so the difference isn’t as big as you would think. Whether you have the time to wait twice as long is something only you yourself can answer.

If you don’t know what jitter is, chances are you are not an audiophile so you probably wouldn’t be able to hear the difference anyway. Jitter is a slight variation in distance between zeros and ones on the media, and with some Digital-Analog converters that variation will get through to the analog signal sent to the speakers, and trained listeners can sometimes hear this on high-end audio equipment.

As rdgrimes said the difference between burning a full CD-R at 32x and 48x is about half-a-minute, and even less if you don’t burn the full 700MB or 80 minutes. If you burn an entire 100-pack spindle at 32x instead of 48x and burn 80 minutes on every one of them, you have still only used 30-40 minutes extra time.

So IMHO you are overreacting somewhat with your negativity over the NEC 3520’s inability to burn your Sony CD-R media at 48x. Please get some perspective. :slight_smile:

I don’t care if my NEC burn at 32x or 48x, as long as I get a quality burn.

A great solution to this dilemma is a popular one as well. And that’s to have 2 drives. For $75 you can have a top quality DVD burner and also a top quality CD burner and also enjoy the advantages and flexability of having 2 drives.

BTW, my experience with the Sony media is that burning it at 48x in most drives does not produce great quality discs.

Taiyo Yudens also don’t burn any higher than 32x. I don’t ever burn any higher than that anyway. 16x takes roughly 5 minutes for a full disc.

One of the most interesting things I have found out from my Plextor Premium is where most media burn when the drive is adjusting on the fly to maximize the quality/minimize the errors. Most CMC, sold under a LOT of brands in the US burns closer to 16X no matter where the speed is set. My Ritek burns at 32X and some Lead Data does just fine at 24X. Even within the stack, there is a significant change in the burn speed. Given what I have seen, I would never burn crap media at anything other than 16X on a normal burner.

Yup, I upgraded from a LiteOn 812 to the NEC 3520a. When I found out all the media I could burn at 40x with the LiteOn only burns at 16x with my new NEC…I decided, what the hell, why not just stick the old drive back in there with the new one and now I can more easily archive stuff to DVD and if I need to make copies…DVD to DVD copy baby.

Like namuna i have a LiteOn 451@832 (thnx Code) and a Nec 3520AW and very happy with them. It makes ripping and making copies a lot easyr and faster.