3520a problems help

i am trying to get things straighten out. I got a nec 3520a dvd dl drive. Ripping is slow and burning is slow. I have checked and i have ultra dma settings enabled. i have newest nvidia drivers. i have an old 8x burner that is ripping same speed and alittle faster at burner. At this time i cant figure out what is wrong. I did a full dvd at 41 min and burned it around 8 - 10 min. i am trying to cut down on ripping time and burning …specially ripping time … i dont know if i should buy another dvd rom just to rip or what …I thought the nec and hacked firmware would do the job …i mean this is doing the job my old 8x dvd burner does.

i recently bought a lite on dvd sohd-16pqs to see if that is the issue and firmware 1ug of course from liggy and still have issues. If anyone can help let me know …already got new cables also. thank you …

also any of you i would also like to know what kinds of speeds you are getting ripping a dvd average time please and what dvd so i can run some tests to see if it is my system or what

Ripping a DL movie is still max 7X on the 3520 drive with riplock removed. 5X with riplock. With RIPLOCK removed a SL Movie will rip at upto 16X

Regarding write times. If your writing at 8X then the time you quote is about right.

oh well ripping the movie takes forever and when i am burning i am not burning DL at all … just SL. i have read that ripping it is slow and i thought it would be faster . My 8x does that same job ripping and burning same time. Also i got the other dvd rom to speed up ripping time and dont see any affect.

if anyone knows a faster way to rip and drive i would love to know and times for ripping a few movies would be great so I can try to see if my drive is up to par

also with rip removed you do it with the firmware 1ug ?