3520a now or wait for 3540a?

as topic …

you might aswell wait for the new 3540a to come out if you have waited this long. if you cant wait i would recommend trying to get hold of the 3500a as this is a better drive than the 3520a. if you cant wait go ahead and get the 3520a, who knows you might be able to upgrade to this drive through a firmware flash if the chipset is the same.

thx for the reply mate :slight_smile:

i brought a 3520A, just sick of my liteOnShit and can’t wait anymore …
would like to get a 3500a, but no shop is selling it anymore :frowning:

hey no problem. thats what we are all here for! :stuck_out_tongue:

enjoy your new nec drive. i am sure it will bring you much happiness :slight_smile:

3500a better than 3520a? ¿?¿?¿? (confused)

while the 3520 has better specs, the generall consensus is that the 3500 is still the better drive. as a general rule, the 3500 gives better quality burns then the 3520. this is not to say the 3520 is a bad drive…

ah, ok :slight_smile: I don’t know wether to wait for 3540a too… the difference in specs with 3500a and 3520a is ridiculous but maybe it has better burns, I dunno. Let’s hope it comes out soon to see how well it burns.

nec also has another new drive in the works. a 4xxx (forgot the full number) series drive which will have dvd-ram support. it should be released a few months after the 3540. if you can live with what you are currently running you might want to wait for it instead…just an fyi.

wtf, as a general rule? is this true? i have the 3500…

And it’s infinitely better than the Pioneer 109 I had for all of 1 week before giving it back in disgust.

to me, LiteOn was the crappiest shit i ever bought, just hell…
but then Code0Guy was there to contribute, the MAN :bow:

AND now i’m in “walking” on earth with wings, NEC :iagree:

also got a 3520 after being let down by a pio 109…
very happy here as burns are fast AND good.

i just got the 109, flashed it a A09 with the latest 1.40.

ripping at 8x - 10x. backup retail dvd fine. burn cd-r and dvd-r fine. so what advantage would the NEC 35xx have? just curious.

Only if you have the time you better wait for the 3540, only because the F/W update for the 3520 was scheduled for March, but now it will be released first at 1st of May NECSAM USA announced.

If you want s.a.p. go for it, I have the 3520 also and I’m happy with the machine, not the extra month waiting…