3520a not burning at the full 16x



hey wutsup people.

ive had the 3520a OEM for a while and i used 8x ridata’s for a real long time and they burn at 8x real good and smooth like ive gotten no coasters.

the egg was having a sale on 16x so i just bought a pack of those but NERO says it can only burn at 4x…weird cuz the 8x burns at 8x so i thought these would AT LEAST burn at 8x.

but is there a way to make it burn at 16x.

i have not flashed the drive yet with anything

if i do flash the drive, what one would u recomend.

the latest one at NEC.com messed up my drive liek totally so i flashed it back to the old one.



I would go to the L&D 1.UF. There is too much information missing from your post but your media is not being recognized by the firmware. If it is obscure, there is no guarantee that flashing will improve the speed but it is a good start. BTW, most 16X is really beter if burned at 12X.



Tell us what’s the media ID code of the 16x discs you’ve just bought. You can use DVD Identifier or DVDInfoPro for that.

You can download a certain FW and then use Quikee’s NECDump to see what’s the maximum speed available for your media.

As some 16x media is quite new, it might not be supported at 16x yet … especially if you don’t have the latest FW installed.


i tried flashing with the 3.04 firmware but it got alllllll messed up b4. like it wouldnt read dvd’s or cd’s and other anoying stuff so i flashed back to 1.04

uhm im not sure when u mean like the details of the dvd.

im just using ridata dvd+r 16x that i got at the egg.

are there any other firmware i can flash with that are good that you know off hand?


See above link. 1.UF.


@kisarci. I remember you having trouble with flashing to 3.04 FW but I flash back and forth all the time between Firmwares and have no problem so I would suggest trying again or like chas0039 says try 1.UF FW. You can useDVD Identifierto tell you what the MID of your media is. If this is the media you have 3.04 will write it at 16x. Great tool Quikee!!:slight_smile:


great guys! that 1.uf worked awesome. i can burn at 16x now and my 8x dvd’s can burn at 12x now…

but is it true that its better to burn dvd’s at 12x for better quality?

how about my 8x burning at 12x is that ok too?


You should look at the scans in This Thread and decide for yourself what burn speed works better for you and your media.:slight_smile: