3520a meets Ritek D01

I recently purchased some Ridata DVD+R DL’s (Ritek D01) expecting the worst from posts I’ve read here. All of my burns have been like the picture shown below. High PIE/Low PIF on the first layer and low PIE/High PIF on the second layer. As you can see, the reading curve on these discs is smooth regardless of the fact that it has high PIF on the second layer. And oddly enough, they play fine in my standalone. I’ve always been a Ridata fan, but recently after switching from my old standby RicohJPNR01 @ 8x to Ritek R03’s @ 8x and seeing the quality degrade (Not to unusable levels, but enough to annoy me.) I’m concerned about these D01’s.

Thoughts? Comments?

No surprise, RITEK DL media is a waste of time & money actually.

Only DL Verbatims so far are reliable.