3520A - Horrible CMC MAG E01 Burns

First is a burn of a CMC MAG E01 (HP Branded) DVD I made a few months ago, burned with a Liggy&Dee firmware, don’t remember version, at 8x

Second is another one using CMC MAG E01 (Philips Branded) w/ 1.UG, 8x

The second one is horrible, I don’t know how it even COMPLETED the test… Now, I am not saying that this is 1.UG’s fault, I am just wondering what the hell is going on here… I scanned more of this Philips spindle and all turned out similar… Bad batch? Did anything get messed up in 1.UG? The first scan isn’t great either, but it’s readable and nothing near to the 2nd scan.

I’m really confused, and I have scrapped alot of this spindle and lost alot of data by not testing my discs (that’ll never happen again) … anyways, looking for help here… I’d appreciate it :frowning:


not sure what you got going on their bud …My NEC 3520 loves CMC media

see here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=974864&postcount=672

You might have a bad burner, or a bad spindle of media. I burn Phillips-branded E01 on a few burners including a 6500A and it burns fine, just slowly.

Another failure…

I don’t know what the heck is up, but I cannot afford another spindle 'till next month… Argh.

What speed are you burning it at? If faster than 2.4x, that could be your problem. This media is first-generation DVD+R media; it isn’t designed to be burned at anything faster than 2.4x.

Until you can get new spindle
just drop the burning speed to 4X.

I have no problems with CMC MAG E01 on ND-3500 at speed 8X, albeit I normally burn at 6X.

OTHO, I have some issues with CMC MAG AE1, but they have good burns at 4X.

Not all CMC MAG XXX are same quality accross different brands. I got better results with TEON/TDK and not so good ones with Philips.

Thanks, that made it burn fine :slight_smile:

This media is first-generation DVD+R media; it isn’t designed to be burned at anything faster than 2.4x.

CMCMAG E01 is 8X media, not 2.4X. I really like them, EXCEPT for the HP branded ones. All other brands that I have used with this MID have been great.

From the graphs above I see the 8x portion of the burn being problematic, 4x and 6x seems excellent - so burning at 6x might solve the problem, you don’t have to wait another 3 min for a 4x burn. In my opinion 8x burns on NEC’s are just a joke because of that stupid ZCLV method implemented it only takes over 1 min to burn at 6x with better quality; so with NEC drives if you can’t burn at 12x than 6x is the choice.

Are the TDK 25pack DVD+R spindle (CMC MAG.E01) OK with the NEC 3520A? They are on sale at Circuit City for $7.99 this week.

Results with Memorex brand CMCMAGE01 look decent here on my NEC ND-3520A hardware.