3520a f/w1.04 and printable -R's

Hey guys,

I just recently got an R200 and a spindle of Prodisc8x -R’s for Xmas.

I had a Liteon 451’s that I had been happy buring with for quite some time. I used Maxell 4x-R’s (TYG01) for the longest time and eventually switched to Smartbuy 4x-R’s (ProdiscS03) and had 100% success with all my set top boxes.

However, switching to printables (ProdiscF01) give me nothing but grief. I flashed that Liteon to the 451s@832s (VS0E and CG4E) after a ton of different write strategies could not make anything but coasters. I even went as far as to buy a DVR 108 (f/w 1.14 and 1.18) and although scans looked better, after 3GB in the PI’s>800. Even Prodisc 4x-R’s were terrible (MCC01RG20).

There is not a lot of printable media widely available where I am in Canada. But, I will have as much as I can get a hold of to play with. I did a DQ scan on my first disc off the 3520 today and was real exited with the results, ony to watch it pixelate and stutter in my set top box today.

My appologies, as I did a few DQ scans in my 163D Litey, from now on I will do them in the 451’s so media code, etc. is in the attachment.
Here is an Oniditech 4x-R printable:

Prodisc F01 are decent quality. What FW are you using? If it is stock FW may I suggest you try the Liggy/Dee 3520 beta 2 FW. Then retest the Prodisc F01.

Thanks for the reply. I am using stock f/w 1.04.

Media’s I have to test - play with:
…all printables, all -R. I will do a scan on my ProdiscF01 for posting. It was burned at 4x, could its write strategy be better at 8x (after all its 8x media)?

Secondly, does it take 2 to 4 burns to get learnt info about a media stored in the eeprom? And has anyone ever seen results improve after several burns on a single media?

I look at a lot of media I have compared to the individual strategies in the 1.04 f/w and wonder how I missed that researching my next burner. I hope that changes as newer firmware come available.


Like I said u might want to try the Liggy/Dee 3520 beta 2 FW. Then retest the Prodisc F01.

There FW uses a totaly different strat to burn the disc.

Yeah, I intend to. Here is a current burn from a ProdiscF01, burned only at 4x for some future baseline comparison. I am going to assume if I use L&D’s beta2 that I will have no problem flashing back or flashing if and when NEC puts out the next official f/w?

If you want u can dump your stock FW before u flash and then load it back later. I don’t know why you would want to though, since it only seems to favor certain media. The 1st FW’s always suck.

I rescanned my first ONDITech disc, as I said I originally did it on my Liteon 163D which gives different results then my 451s@832s.
So here are scans from the NEC 3520a:

So the first image here is stock f/w 1.04 on ONDITech at 4x, an image that will not play in my set top boxes. Rescanned from first image above.

The second image here is on a ProdiscF01 done at 4x with LD3520 Beta 2 firmware (1.24). Nearly playable until the last 25 minutes. The new firmware only alllows up to 6x, but why go faster if the quality is not there.